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    How to Program HMI and PLC?

    ATO HMI touch screen can be connected to industrial control equipment such as programmable logic controller, inverter, DC speed regulator and instrument. Its display shows that the digital device that realizes the interaction of human and machine information through input unit to write working parameters or input operation commands. Now let’s program and test the HMI and PLC.

    How does HMI communicate with PLC?

    Human machine interface refers to the field where people and machines contact or interact with each other in information exchange and function. This joint surface includes not only the direct contact between point, line and surface, but also the action space of long-distance information transmission and control. So how does HMI communicate with PLC?

    HMI and PLC Programs for VFD Control

    Generally, using PLC as an intermediate tool for HMI to control VFD is a good choice. Now, let’s us establish and HMI to control the VFD project. We need to communicate with an Omron PLC and use the PLC commands to control the VFD. Set the PLC model and communication parameters (RS232, Host Link communication protocol) that need to be communicated.

    How does a HMI Control VFD?

    HMI, short for human machine interface, is a medium for interaction and information exchange between systems and users, which realizes the conversion between the internal form of information and the form acceptable to humans. Human-machine interfaces exist in all fields that participate in the exchange of human-machine information. So, how do HMI and PLC control VFD?

    How to Choose a Suitable HMI?

    The Human Machine Interface (HMI) has a variety of hardware and software functions. The user should set the target application first, and then find a suitable solution according to the needs of the application. Look at the required HMI functions, and try to select the equipment and software that meet the needs. Most options are simple and straightforward, but some are not. So what details do we need to pay attention to when selecting a HMI?