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    What is a Signal Relay?

    Relay is a commonly used device in automatic control systems, which is used to connect and disconnect circuits, issue control commands, and reflect equipment status to form automatic control and remote-control circuits. Relay is used for automatic control in various fields. The relay widely used in railway signal technology is called a signal relay (in signal systems, it can be referred to as a relay), which is an important component in railway signaling. It plays an important role both as the core component of relay type signal systems and as an interface component of electronic or computer type signal systems. The reliability of relay operation directly affects the reliability and safety of the signal system.

    Signal Relays Price List

    Signal relays are a type of electromagnetic relay designed for low-power and low-current applications where the switching of signals or control signals is required. They are used to control circuits with lower voltage and current levels, typically in the range of milliwatts to a few watts. Signal relays come in various types and configurations to suit different applications. The price of signal relays can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type, brand, specifications, and quantity you need. In this article, ATO industrial automation will list the price of signal relays for your reference.

    What are the Types of Signal Relays?

    Signal relays are commonly used devices in automatic control systems, usually used to connect and disconnect circuits to issue control commands and reflect equipment status. They are important components that constitute automatic control and remote control circuits. Signal relays can be classified according to the nature of the relay's operating current, operating principle, physical properties, operating speed, contact structure, and reliability of operation.

    Signal Relays Troubleshooting

    During the use of relays, various malfunctions often occur due to various reasons, such as low product quality, improper use, and poor repair. For electronic relays, as there are currently few types used on locomotives, their faults, handling, inspection, and testing have their own characteristics. Here, ATO industrial automation mainly introduce the faults and handling of contact relays, the most common ones as follows: