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    What is the Common Problem of the Flashlight?

    The glare flashlight is an LED flashlight, which is a relatively new lighting tool. It uses light-emitting diodes as the light source, so it has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, long life, and so on. Strong flashlights are very strong and will not be easily damaged even if they fall on the ground, so they are mostly used for outdoor lighting. But no matter how strong and durable something is, it is inevitable that there will be some small problems of one kind or another after a long time of use. So when the glare flashlight is not on, how to check the problem and repair it?

    PreparationMarine handheld spotlight 12v 24v

    1. When the light does not light up, first check whether the threads of the explosion-proof LED flashlight are tightened. If there are untightened threads, this is most likely the cause of the explosion-proof searchlight not turning on or flickering.
    2. The battery is reversed or the battery is dead, which is the most common problem encountered by explosion-proof flashlights. When you use the flashlight for the first time and encounter no light, first check whether the battery is charged, and then check whether the battery is inserted in the correct direction, and do not use other non-default batteries.
    3. Check the spring at the end of the flashlight. When we open the tail of the LED explosion-proof glare flashlight, we can see the switch pressure ring with the tail spring and two concave points. You can use tweezers or scissors to rotate clockwise on the two concave points to check whether the switch pressure ring is loose. And make sure the pressure ring is pressed firmly on the switch.
    4. Unscrew the tail to expose the negative pole of the battery, and use scissors or tweezers to connect the negative pole of the battery to the unoxidized part of the flashlight body to see if it lights up. If yes, it is a problem with the flashlight switch, please check according to step 3. If it is still not on, please check whether there is open soldering or weak soldering at the connection between the circuit compartment and the circuit board. If so, please re-solder to solve the problem.

    Common problems and solutions

    • The light source of the flashlight is not bright
    • The strong light flashlight has electricity, but the light source is not bright;
    • The button signal indicator light of the strong flashlight switch can be lit, but the light source cannot be lit;
    • There is no response to the glare flashlight, and the glare flashlight is off;
    • The strong light flashlight can be lit, but the brightness is too weak.
    • SolutionWaterproof bright flashlight
    • This kind of problem usually occurs when the circuit board of the strong light flashlight is aging or damaged, and the light source is aging or damaged. If the brightness of the light source is dim, it is usually caused by the aging of the light source. Just replace the light source with the same specification. In this case, it is recommended to repair it.
    • LED glare flashlight can't be charged
    • The LED bright flashlight charger is damaged or the charger is used incorrectly;
    • The indicator light does not light up after the charger is plugged in;
    • After the charger is plugged in, it will display green, but the plug-in power is not full (≤4.1V), and the charging hole of the strong light flashlight still displays green;
    • Long-term use of the wrong or wrong charger.
    • Solution
    • Plug the charger into other products of the same model to try charging;
    • Contact the positive and negative poles of the charger for a short time, and observe whether the indicator light changes;
    • Make sure that the charger is a dedicated charger for this product.
    • Internal structural failure of the charging kit
    • The charger is good, but it won't charge (the outlet should be ruled out)
    • Check whether there is thick flying dust or debris in the charging hole, or whether the charging thimble is not in the center and cannot be in normal contact;
    • Remove the charging tail cover and check whether the internal wires are dragged down.
    • Solution
    • Adjust the charging thimble to ensure that the positive and negative poles of the charging head of the charger can be in contact.
    • Re-solder or connect the loose wires.
    • It can light up when charging, but it can't light up without charging
    • Insert the charger into the charging hole and it can be used normally. But no matter how long it is charged, as long as it is not charged, it will not light up or the light time will be shorter;
    • Insert the charger into the charging hole and the flashlight can be turned on normally, but the flashlight does not light up or stays on for a short time without charging.
    • Solution
    • This type of problem is generally caused by battery damage or battery aging, and the battery assembly can be replaced.
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