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    How to Choose a Flashlight?

    The flashlight is a common lighting tool, which is widely used in outdoor adventures, night work, family emergencies, and other occasions. With the continuous advancement of technology, the types and functions of flashlights are becoming more and more diverse. Consumers need to consider many factors when choosing a flashlight. This article will introduce the purchase guide of flashlights from the following aspects.

    Choose according to the occasion

    Adventure: The environment encountered during adventure is very complicated, with low temperature and high temperature, sometimes humid and sometimes dry, so when buying a flashlight, you should buy a flashlight dedicated to adventure. This kind of flashlight generally has a waterproof function, that is to say, a waterproof flashlight, and can be used in low-temperature and high-temperature environments, so that it can provide better lighting effects for adventurers.Waterproof bright flashlight

    Diving: Now more and more people are obsessed with diving, so when choosing a flashlight, you should choose a flashlight with a particularly good waterproof function and have a hand-proof bracelet. And the switch of this kind of flashlight should be very convenient, because it is inconvenient to move underwater, if the switch is small or difficult to flip, it will affect the user experience.

    Brightness: The brightness of a flashlight is one of the most important factors affecting its usefulness. Brightness is usually expressed in lumens (Lumen), the higher the lumens, the larger the lighting range of the flashlight and the higher the brightness. In general, outdoor adventures and night work require the use of high-brightness flashlights, while family emergencies can choose moderate-brightness flashlights. When choosing a flashlight, consumers can choose a flashlight with appropriate brightness according to the occasion of use and personal needs.

    Batteries: The battery type of led bright flashlight is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing a flashlight. The common types of batteries currently on the market are dry batteries, rechargeable batteries, and lithium batteries. Dry batteries are convenient to use, but have a short service life and need to be replaced frequently. The rechargeable handheld spotlight torch battery can be recharged and has a long service life, but it needs to be equipped with a corresponding charger. Lithium batteries have higher energy density and longer service life but are more expensive. Consumers can choose the battery type according to their needs and budget when choosing a flashlight.

    Material: The material of the flashlight is also an important factor affecting its quality and durability. Common flashlight materials are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic, and so on. Aluminum alloy flashlight is light and durable and is a common material for outdoor adventure and night work flashlights. The stainless steel flashlight is durable and suitable for high-intensity work environments. Plastic flashlights are light and cheap and are suitable for general purposes such as family emergencies. When consumers choose a flashlight, they can choose the material according to the occasion of use and personal preference.

    Function: The function of the flashlight is also one of the factors that consumers need to consider when choosing a flashlight. The functions of flashlights on the market are becoming more and more diverse. Common functions include waterproof, anti-drop, zoom, infrared, and so on. The waterproof flashlight is suitable for outdoor adventures and water sports and can guarantee normal use in harsh environments. The anti-drop flashlight is suitable for high-intensity working environments and can ensure that it is not easily damaged in the event of accidental impact. The zoom flashlight can adjust the vergence and divergence of light, which is suitable for occasions that need to flexibly adjust the lighting range. Infrared flashlight is suitable for special fields such as night work and military. Consumers can choose suitable functions according to their own needs when choosing a flashlight.

    Basic requirements for outdoor flashlights: High brightness, long range, long battery life, good waterproof effect, and stable performance. Personally, it is recommended to use a strong LED flashlight of 3 watts or more. When purchasing an LED flashlight, it should be noted that the head of the LED flashlight has two concentrating methods, one is the concentrating cup type concentrating light, and the other is the convex lens concentrating method. The concentrating cup has a better concentrating effect. The light loss is small, the weight is light, the part of the lamp head can be sealed tightly, and the waterproof effect can be improved. The fly in the ointment is that the light spot cannot be adjusted, so when it is used, the illuminated area is very small. The biggest advantage of the convex lens is that the spot size can be adjusted steplessly, but it is difficult to achieve good waterproof performance, so most outdoor sports enthusiasts will choose one of the two according to the environment.

    Basic requirements for portable flashlights: Small size, lightweight, moderate brightness, good quality, and comfortable operation. Generally, choose a small straight LED flashlight or a flashlight with an ultra-thin design.

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