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    Waterproof Rechargeable Led Bright Flashlight

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    Waterproof rechargeable led bright flashlight for sale. With EX explosion-proof certification, 400-lumen flashlights have a range of 200-300m and work for 3-6 hours. The rechargeable torch capacity is 2300mAh, charging for 6 hours. Widely apply in night maintenance, night fishing, cave exploration, and night climbing.
    SKU: ATO-WFL-403
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    Waterproof rechargeable flashlight with explosion-proof performance can work for 3-6 hours. Come with a smart charger an LED flashlight that can be used in night climbing, outdoor camping, and night work.


    Model ATO-WFL-403
    Range 200-300m
    Brightness 400 lumens
    Light source specification XR-E-Q5
    Battery 18650
    Operating hours 3-6 hours
    Charging time 6 hours
    Capacity 2300mAh
    Power source 3.5w
    Shell material Aluminum alloy
    Certification Explosion-proof


    1. Optically waterproof led flashlight-edged glass lens with 99% light transmittance and strong waterproof.
    2. Three-speed switching: strong light, low light, and strobe. Realize three-light switching, easy to operate.
    3. The tail alloy spring of a waterproof rechargeable flashlight has strong conductivity, better contact, and stability.
    4. With an anti-slip body design, the waterproof torch has an anodized surface treatment and diamond-shaped non-slip feel-good.
    5. Equipped with an intelligent charger, bright flashlight has built-in battery charging protection circuit.
    6. With outlet short circuit automatic protection, the explosion-proof flashlight whole series is equipped with a car charger, which is more humanized and convenient.


     Waterproof flashlight size


    Tips: What are the advantages of led rechargeable flashlight?

    1. LED has a long service life, which can generally reach more than 50,000 hours, which is 5-10 times longer than that of traditional tungsten lamps.
    2. Cold light, low heat generation, no damage to the lamp holder, and high safety.
    3. Fast response, impact resistance, small size, easy miniaturization lightweight, etc.
    4. Power saving, energy saving, new environmental protection bulbs.
    5. The response speed is as fast as 1us (microsecond), and no warm lamp is needed to improve safety.
    6. Low voltage drive, high safety performance.
    Existing reviews of Waterproof Rechargeable Led Bright Flashlight
    Good waterproof performance
    I recently purchased the Waterproof Rechargeable LED Bright Flashlight, and the waterproof feature of this flashlight is no joke. I've taken it on rainy hikes and even accidentally dropped it in a puddle, but it continues to shine brilliantly without any hiccups.
    From: lily | Date: 30/08/2023
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