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    Screw Pump Price List

    A screw pump is a type of positive displacement pump that utilizes rotating helical screws to draw in and expel liquids or semi-liquids, making it well-suited for handling high-viscosity or high-temperature fluids, and is commonly employed in various industrial applications for efficient and consistent liquid transfer. Find out their prices to make your purchase easier. The following is the 2023 latest price list of screw pumps.

    How Does a Screw Pump Work?

    Screw pumps, also known as single-screw or progressive cavity pumps, function based on a straightforward yet ingenious principle. At their core, they rely on the interaction between a helical rotor (the screw) and a stator (the stationary element) to move liquids from the inlet to the outlet.

    Screw Pump Troubleshooting

    Screw pump is a commonly used centrifugal pump. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation and large flow rate, and is widely used in industrial production. However, during use, screw pumps will also encounter some common faults that affect their normal operation. This article will analyze and summarize the common faults and solutions of screw pumps.

    Screw Pump vs. Gear Pump

    Pumps are machines that convey fluids or pressurize them, and are mainly used to convey water, oil, slurries, acid and alkali liquids, emulsions, suspensions, gas mixtures and liquid metals, etc. They are common conveying equipments in mining, chemical and metallurgical industries, and different pumps differ in their structural appearances, load-bearing capacity, service life and application areas.There are many types of pumps, but we will only discuss two of them here: screw pump and gear pump. Understanding the difference between them is important for the correct choice of the desired product, which can effectively improve the service life and performance of mechanical equipment.

    What is a Screw Pump?

    Screw pumps are pumps that utilize the rotary motion of spiral open vanes to increase the potential energy of the liquid. Spiral pump belongs to low-pressure, dilute phase transportation equipment. It consists of a motor, coupling, bearing housing, screw shaft, support, check valve, mixing chamber, nozzle, and so on.

    Powder from the discharge port into the screw conveyor pump, in the variable pitch screw extrusion and strong push, the powder uniformly into the mixing chamber, in the mixing chamber is equipped with nozzles in the lower part of the compressed air through the nozzle box sprayed into the mixing chamber.