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    Explosion Proof Motor Alarm 119dB, 3 Phase 380V

    Explosion-proof motor alarm has high volume 119dB, cast aluminum alloy shell, red paint and protection class IP44. It has an internal three phase motor with working voltage 3 phase AC 380V. Explosion-proof motor alarm can be used for alarm system of petroleum, smelting, chemical and other industries.
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    Motor alarm has high volume 119dB, working voltage 3 phase 380VAC and two-way alarm mode.


    Model ATO-MOALM-JDW245B
    Shipping weight 43kg
    Dimension 421*240*381mm
    Working voltage 3 phase 380V
    Working frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Rated power 1.1kW (1.5 hp)
    Output volume 119dB (at a radius of 5 m)
    Output frequency 500/560±20Hz
    Sound Continuous alarm sound (It is best to work for 2 minutes, and then stop working for 30 minutes. After the motor becomes cool, the motor alarm can work again.)
    Working mode Alarm when power on
    Shell material Cast aluminum alloy
    Color Red
    Protection class IP44
    Explosion proof Exd II BT4

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    Explosion-proof motor alarm 119dB 3 phase AC 380V dimension
    Tips: Motor alarm application
    Motor alarm is used for water conservancy and flood prevention, reservoir, civil defense, army, fire fighting, prison, mine, gas station, ship, airport, plain, ranch, forest farm, factory, school, hotel, camping and mountain rescue. It is mostly used for emergency early warning.Explosion-proof motor alarm can be used in chemical, petroleum, smelting and other industries to give a high volume 119dB alarm when there's an emergency.

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