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    5 Ways to Avoid Linear Rail Rust

    The use of linear guide in machine tools is to guide and support the role. This role can be said to be very important in production, not only to improve the efficiency of production, the key is to have a great guarantee of product quality. Linear guide rust phenomenon, it is inevitable to encounter. Especially in hot summer like now, direct contact with the linear guide rail after the operator's hands are sweaty may also lead to rust of the guide rail. How should we try to avoid the surface rust of linear guide in daily use? In this article, we'll go into more detail and tell you how to solve it.

    What Should Pay Attention to When Using Linear Rail?

    With the rapid development of industry, the demand for guide rails is also increasing. For the machinery industry, the normal operation of equipment and production lines is crucial. Linear guide rail is a precision part, so it requires considerable caution in use. Even if the high performance linear guide is used, if it is not used properly, it can not achieve the expected performance effect, and it is easy to damage the linear guide. Therefore, the use of ATO automation linear guide should pay attention to the following matters.

    5 Mistakes When Using a Dehumidifier

    More than 60% air provides the perfect environment for mold and dust mites to thrive, which can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, and even wheezing. Too much moisture can also cause problems in your house, including cracked wood furniture and floors, promoting mold growth on carpets, and rusting your toilet tank and plumbing. A dehumidifier can help you reduce moisture in the air, but it's only effective when used correctly. Here are 5 mistakes not to make when using a dehumidifier.

    What Should be Paid Attention to When Using Sewage Pump?

    Sewage pump with compact structure, suitable for conveying liquid containing hard solid, fiber and especially dirty, sticky, slippery liquid. ATO submersible sewage pump is mainly composed of impeller, pump body and base submersible motor. Pump and motor are the same shaft, because the pump is located at the bottom of the whole sewage pump, it can maximize the suction of accumulated sewage on the ground. In this article, we mainly introduce the use of sewage pump some considerations. Understanding these points, we can better use sewage water submersible pump.

    What Should be Noted When Using a Colorimeter?

    A colorimeter is a laboratory instrument for measuring or specifying colors by comparison with synthetic pigments. Colorimeter is an essential analytical instrument in pharmaceutical analysis. In addition to understanding its purpose and working principle, we also need to pay attention to some problems during use. In this article, we explain some issues that need to be paid attention to during the installation of the instrument.

    6 Using Tips For Sewage Pump

    Submersible sewage pump is a solids handling pump with a large outlet and a powerful motor, designed to move liquid and sewage waste up to 2 inch in diameter. When we use sewage pump, there are also a lot of points to pay attention to, such as electric pump housing ground wire must be received in strict accordance with the relevant regulations; Do not wash items nearby when submersible pump is working; After the pump is connected, the direction of rotation from the inlet is counterclockwise. In this article, we will introduce some precautions when using sewage pump.

    Features & Applications of Insulation Rubber Sheet

    The main raw material of insulation rubber sheet is rubber, which is the latex produced by rubber trees and other plants. The reason for using rubber as the material for insulating sheet is that rubber has superior properties which are incomparable with other materials. It has good physical and mechanical properties, and has excellent insulation performance. By passing different Electrical insulation performance tests, ATO industrial rubber sheet can be used in diverse voltage level environments.