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    5 Ways to Avoid Linear Rail Rust

    The use of linear guide in machine tools is to guide and support the role. This role can be said to be very important in production, not only to improve the efficiency of production, the key is to have a great guarantee of product quality. Linear guide rust phenomenon, it is inevitable to encounter. Especially in hot summer like now, direct contact with the linear guide rail after the operator's hands are sweaty may also lead to rust of the guide rail. How should we try to avoid the surface rust of linear guide in daily use? In this article, we'll go into more detail and tell you how to solve it.

    Linear guideways

    • To prevent rust, keep the surface of the linear rail clean. The method of regular cleaning needs to be selected according to the nature of the surface of the antirust object and the conditions of use. After a certain amount of drying and cleaning on the surface, blow dry with pure compressed air or dry with a dryer at 120 ℃ ~ 170 ℃ or wipe dry with clean gauze and apply rust proof oil.
    • The body's sweat PH between 5 ~ 6, weak acid, usually colorless or light yellow liquid, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium salt and a small amount of lactic acid and citric acid, urea, once out of the khan's hand and linear guide rail of the surface of the metal contact will form a layer of sweat film on metal surface, the film of sweat will electrochemical reactions, with metal corrosion of metal caused a certain. Therefore, it is not appropriate to touch the linear guide rail between hands. When holding the linear guide rail, it is necessary to wear clean gloves, finger covers or other special tools.
    • Linear guide rail will appear rust phenomenon, is the user for the use of linear guide is not enough to understand. Generally speaking, the manufacturer will coat the linear guide with a layer of antirust oil before it leaves the factory, to protect the linear guide from rust. When many users place linear guide in the warehouse, they will ignore to periodically add a layer of antirust oil, and the protection ability of linear guide will not exist after the rust oil volatilizes out of the factory. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate and maintain the linear guide regularly.
    • It is wrong to store with corrosive materials or put the guide rail on the ground for a long time. Linear guide needs to be stored in room temperature warehouse, and can not be placed underground, placed underground will accelerate the volatilization of rust oil. If the linear guide is assembled in the interior of the equipment and covered with an aluminum alloy frame, rust oil and lubricating oil can be used regularly to wipe and prevent the volatilization of lubricating oil.
    • If the linear guide must be exposed to the outside air, dust and other direct contact, we need to improve the frequency of cleaning and maintenance, with clean, dust-free special cloth to wipe the grease on the guide and external dust impurities, clean up and then apply lubricating oil or grease. Regular maintenance and maintenance can make linear guide and mechanical equipment long-term stable operation.
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