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    3 Points to Influence Colorimeter Accuracy

    Colorimeters are often used in the field because they produce more accurate readings than titration or color matching. They are also often used in accounts that require higher precision because of the higher risk. Improper disposal can result in higher non-conformance costs (equipment failure or higher energy costs), wasting chemicals. But does the device alone guarantee accurate test results, or are there more factors in play? In this article, we will introduce three important points and you should keep in mind.

    What is the Use of Colorimeter in Online Printing´╝č

    A colorimeter is a device used for colorimetric measurements that measures the absorbance of a specific solution of light of a specific wavelength. Colorimeter is used more and more widely in printing. Whether in screen printing or any other printing method, colorimeters have become an essential piece of equipment in the printing process. in many fields. On top of that are ink color matching, color management and print quality checks.

    Colorimeter vs. Spectrophotometer

    Colors surround us all the time and affect our emotions, behaviors and beliefs in conscious or unconscious ways. Colors can set emotions, warn us of danger, give us important information, and even bring us joy. Despite its ubiquity, description of color remains elusive, in part because different people perceive color differently. Two of the most advanced types of color measurement instruments are colorimeters and spectrophotometers, both of which use sophisticated technology to precisely quantify and define color. In this article, we will introduce the differences between colorimeter and spectrophotometer.

    What Should be Noted When Using a Colorimeter?

    A colorimeter is a laboratory instrument for measuring or specifying colors by comparison with synthetic pigments. Colorimeter is an essential analytical instrument in pharmaceutical analysis. In addition to understanding its purpose and working principle, we also need to pay attention to some problems during use. In this article, we explain some issues that need to be paid attention to during the installation of the instrument.