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    3 Points to Influence Colorimeter Accuracy

    Colorimeters are often used in the field because they produce more accurate readings than titration or color matching. They are also often used in accounts that require higher precision because of the higher risk. Improper disposal can result in higher non-conformance costs (equipment failure or higher energy costs), wasting chemicals. But does the device alone guarantee accurate test results, or are there more factors in play? In this article, we will introduce three important points and you should keep in mind.

    What Factors Affect the Stability of Colorimeter Signal?

    A colorimeter is an instrument that measures the color characteristics of materials. The main purpose of the colorimeter is to measure and analyze the color, hue and color value of the tested material. In order to overcome or reduce the misjudgment caused by stability, reduce the economic loss of users, and improve the efficiency of the colorimeter, it is necessary for us to analyze the main factors of insufficient stability of the colorimeter detected by the sample. In this article, we will go into details.

    Colorimeter: Working Principle, Type and Application

    Colorimeter is also called the color meter, it is a kind of measuring instrument for material color characteristics, colorimeter is primarily used to measured the color of the material, color, color value measurement and analysis, if the colorimeter machine with computer, can improve the ability of analysis and processing of color, and the user can according to need to color from computer storage in the library to find out all kinds of data for color matching. In this article, we will introduce some basic about colorimeter.

    How to Calibrate Wavelength with a Colorimeter?

    Colorimeters are commonly used analytical instruments in laboratories and laboratories at all levels. It is the most popular among analysts of all levels due to its simplicity of operation, ease of use, wide range of use, and high accuracy and precision. The wavelength needs to be corrected, but during use, the shape and movement of the speaker can cause the speaker to produce different wavelengths due to various factors. There are many ways to correct the wavelength. In this article, we will introduce two approaches.