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    What is the Use of Colorimeter in Online Printing?

    A colorimeter is a device used for colorimetric measurements that measures the absorbance of a specific solution of light of a specific wavelength. Colorimeter is used more and more widely in printing. Whether in screen printing or any other printing method, colorimeters have become an essential piece of equipment in the printing process. in many fields. On top of that are ink color matching, color management and print quality checks.

    Colorimeter in online printing

    The Color Management:

    A colorimeter is a key operating device for modern computer color matching technology. The operator calculates the required ink formulation based on the color samples given by the customer. First, measure the color sample with a caliber 8 mm portable colorimeter. Obtain spectral data after segmentation of color samples. Then use the software to calculate the color data of the color sample.

    Ink distribution is a delicate job, after obtaining the chromaticity value of the sample ink. Input the chromaticity values and information of various raw materials used for ink distribution into the color matching software. Then use the various ink ratios given by the software to test. Repeat the test until the matching ink color and the original ink color are within a certain color difference range. During this process, use the portable colorimeter several times. Therefore, it is the key equipment for precise dispensing of ink. Therefore, it is the key equipment for precise dispensing of ink.

    The 3C Color Management:

    This is calibration. Characterization and conversion are inseparable from the use of colorimeters. Printing color management primarily involves displays. Equipment such as printers, scanners and printing presses. On these color managed devices, the first step is calibration. For example, the calibration of a monitor starts by sending a color signal to the screen. At the same time, a colorimeter was used to measure the output of the display. The response is then modified by software to adjust and correct for gamma, white point, black point, and color balance to ensure proper device characterization in the next step.

    Of course, characterization and color conversion also use colorimeters. The basic process still uses the standard color scale (either real or electronic) output by a handheld colorimeter measurement device. Obtain the standard color value corresponding to the color value of the original color target and generate a certain characteristic file or establish a specific conversion relationship.

    The Quality Control of Ink Products:

    Although the screen printing plate is fast and the cost is relatively low. But the quality of the printed product varies greatly. Therefore, strict quality control must be taken. At present, with the promotion and use of online inspection, printing quality control is becoming more and more convenient. Its core equipment is still the use of a colorimeter, which can scan the control strip on the printed product to obtain its laboratory colorimetric value. After comparing with the standard value in the computer, the adjustment information can be calculated and fed back to the printing press. Colorimeters are also increasingly important in printing.

    There is still a lot of work to be done to improve the accuracy of color reproduction. A very important device that goes through it is a colorimeter. Of course, proper use of a lab colorimeter is a prerequisite for obtaining accurate data. Whether it is a density meter or a colorimeter, it is necessary to measure the angle, standard light source, measuring aperture, etc. in order to make an accurate selection. Regular calibration cannot be forgotten either. Calibration is also required if the temperature varies greatly.

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