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    What Should be Paid Attention to When Using Sewage Pump?

    Sewage pump with compact structure, suitable for conveying liquid containing hard solid, fiber and especially dirty, sticky, slippery liquid. ATO submersible sewage pump is mainly composed of impeller, pump body and base submersible motor. Pump and motor are the same shaft, because the pump is located at the bottom of the whole sewage pump, it can maximize the suction of accumulated sewage on the ground. In this article, we mainly introduce the use of sewage pump some considerations. Understanding these points, we can better use sewage water submersible pump.

    1 hp submersible sewage pump

    • Before using the industrial sewage pump, carefully check whether the cable is damaged, whether the fastener is loose or falling off, and whether the 1 hp sewage submersible pump is deformed or damaged during transportation, storage and installation.
    • Use 500V megohm meter to measure the insulation resistance between the same and relative ground of the sewage pump motor, and its value should not be less than 2 megohm. Otherwise, the stator windings of the motor should be dried, and the drying temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.
    • The installation of the submersible sewage water pump is fixed and mobile. When the fixed automatic installation is used, the chain cable should be respectively through (away from the pump outlet, the connection should be parallel to the submersible sewage pump outlet) two lifting ring screws or lifting plate up and down the pump. Slide evenly and slowly along the guide rail until the automatic coupling is in place. When using mobile installation, first set the hose, with the chain through the two rings up and down lifting pump, pay attention to the cable can not be used as a rope, so as to avoid danger.
    • After the 3 phase sewage pump is connected, the rotation direction from the inlet is counterclockwise. If the 2 hp sewage pump is reversed, just switch the wiring position of any two wires in the cable.
    • Submersible wastewater pump housing ground wire must be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, in order to ensure the use of personal safety, in the pump operation, is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the installation, people into the water to do things or move, in case of sewage pump leakage accident.
    • No special circumstances, the sewage water pump must be equipped with automatic pump control cabinet, do not directly connect the power grid or use the knife switch to ensure the normal operation of the pump.
    • The submersible sewage pump shall not be operated in a low lift state for a long time (generally the use of lift shall not be less than 60% of the rated lift), and it is best to control the recommended use of lift within the range, in order to prevent the high head sewage pump from burning out the motor due to overload.
    • The submersible effluent pump without self-circulating cooling device is strictly prohibited to run above the water for a long time in order to prevent overheating and damage of the pump.

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