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    Sewage Pump Price List

    Submersible sewage pump is a, solids-handling pump with a large outlet and a powerful motor, designed to move liquid and sewage waste up to 2 inch in diameter. Sewage water submersible pump is generally used in a basement, where plumbing fixtures such as sinks, showers and toilets as well as laundry equipment are located below the level of municipal sewage discharge pipe and therefore cannot be drained by conventional gravity means.

    Sewage pump price list

    The pump is installed in a sewage collecting basin and discharges the accumulated waste to the municipal wastewater system or other designated location. All industrial sewage pumps are designed with legs which raise the pump above the bottom of the sewage basin, allowing for unobstructed entry of the liquids and solids.

    ATO provides various types of submersible sewage water pumps, such as 1 hp sewage pump, 1.5 hp sewage pump, 2 hp sewage pump, 3 hp sewage pump. Now we will show you the price list of ATO heavy duty submersible sewage pump below for your refererence.

    ATO Sewage Pump Price List

    SKU Rated Power Rated Flow Rated Head Price
    ATO-SSP-1HP 1 hp 10 m3/h 10m $330.81 
    ATO-SSP-015HP 1.5 hp  10 m3/h 15m $393.97 
    ATO-SSP-2HP 2 hp 15 m3/h 15m $465.30 
    ATO-SSP-3HP 3 hp 9 m3/h 22m $549.60 
    ATO-SSP-4HP 4 hp 15 m3/h 25m $657.30 
    ATO-SSP-055HP 5.5 hp 15 m3/h 30m $850.12 
    ATO-SSP-075HP 7.5 hp 15 m3/h 40m $978.57 
    ATO-SSP-10HP 10 hp 15 m3/h 50m $1,592.06 
    ATO-SSP-15HP 15 hp 60 m3/h 30m $2,196.95 
    ATO-SSP-20HP 20 hp 60 m3/h 40m $2,505.87 
    ATO-SSP-25HP 25 hp 60 m3/h 45m $3,055.39 
    ATO-SSP-30HP 30 hp 30 m3/h 75m $5,612.91 
    ATO-SSP-40HP 40 hp 120 m3/h 45m $7,897.01 
    ATO-SSP-50HP 50 hp 120 m3/h 50m $8,896.17 
    ATO-SSP-60HP 60 hp 100 m3/h 57m $9,798.84 

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If you want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now.

    Features of Industrial Sewage Pump:

    • Submersible sewage water pump with reasonable design, reasonable matching motor, high efficiency.
    • Heavy duty sewage pump with compact structure, small volume, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build pump room.
    • Double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, to the submersible sewage pump installation and maintenance has brought great convenience.
    • Large flow channel anti-clogging hydraulic parts design, greatly improve the ability of sewage through, can effectively through the sewage pump diameter of 5 times the fiber material and the diameter of about 50% of the industrial sewage pump diameter solid particles.
    • Mechanical seal adopts double series seal, material is hard corrosion resistant tungsten carbide, durable, wear-resistant, can make the 3 phase sewage pump safe continuous operation for more than 8000 hours.
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