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    Sliding Vane Pump Price List

    Sliding vane pump is a common fluid conveying equipment, which has been widely used in many industrial fields due to its advantages such as simple structure, easy maintenance, and long service life. In this article, ATO industrial automation will list the price of sliding vane pump for your reference.

    ATO Sliding Vane Pump Price List

    Product SKU Power Capacity Pressure Price
    Sliding vane pump ATO-SVP-02 2 HP 8 m³/h 0.4 MPa $2,816.21
    ATO-SVP-04 4 HP 12 m³/h 0.4 MPa $3,885.62
    ATO-SVP-055 5.5 HP 16 m³/h 0.6 MPa $4,547.16
    ATO-SVP-075 7.5 HP 35 m³/h 0.4 MPa $4,852.96
    ATO-SVP-10 10 HP 60 m³/h 0.4 MPa $5,579.97

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now. Generally, you can get a discount on

    Advantages of Sliding Vane Pump

    • Strong Self-Priming Capability:
      Strong self-priming capability is utilized for suctioning from underground tanks, and the lifting height can reach up to 5 meters.
    • High Efficiency:
      The pump's internal vanes, under the combined effects of centrifugal force, mechanical thrust, and pressure, move closely along the stator's inner curve, endowing the pump with a unique high efficiency.
    • Self-Adjusting Vanes for Consistent Performance:
      The self-adjusting vanes slide out from the rotor grooves, continuously replenishing wear without compromising the pump's performance.
    • Reliable Sealing:
      Specially designed mechanical seals are employed to address the characteristics of viscous and high-temperature media, providing safety, durability, and reliability.
    • Simple and Convenient Maintenance:
      Opening the pump cover, removing the old vanes, and inserting new ones is a straightforward process. Within a few minutes, the pump can be back in operation. Routine inspections are similarly easy.
    • Safety-Sensitive Pressure Assurance:
      A safety relief valve is installed in the pump. In the event of a sudden closure of the outlet system, the increase in outlet pressure does not exceed 0.15 MPa. This ensures both the safety of the pump and the system and prevents motor overload.

    Overall, the sliding vane pump is a reliable and widely used hydraulic pump type, suitable for small and medium-sized hydraulic systems. When selecting sliding vane pumps, comprehensive consideration should be given to specific application requirements, pressure requirements, and working environment conditions.

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