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    Dosing Pump Price List

    The dosing pump is a special positive displacement pump that can meter the delivered fluid. It is generally composed of a control part, a driving part, a transmission part and an overcurrent part. The main difference between an electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump and other metering pumps is the driving part.

    Structure of diaphragm dosing pump

    Diaphragm: Metering pumps are generally highly corrosive liquids, so they have high anti-corrosion requirements for diaphragms that are in direct contact with the liquid.

    Pump head: pump head is the flow part of the measured fluid, ATO dosing pump pump head has in sealing, corrosion resistance, structural stability.

    Circuit board: generally, there is no process design problem for circuit board, but there are digital circuit and analog circuit, the main quality performance in the sealing, because the circuit board must not enter water vapor.

    Dosing Pump Price List

    Product SKU Flow Pressure Price
     Diaphragm dosing pump ATO-DP-V00508 1.08 L/h 8.2 Bar $289.86
    ATO-DP-V003008 3.12 L/h 7.6 Bar $289.86
    ATO-DP-V05006 5.04 L/h 6.2 Bar $289.86
    ATO-DP-V09003 9 L/h 3.5 Bar $289.86
     Metering dosing pump ATO-DP-C16005 16.8 L/h 4.2 Bar $998.78
    ATO-DP-C20003 21.6 L/h 3.5 Bar $998.78
    ATO-DP-C26003 26.5 L/h 2.5 Bar $998.78
    ATO-DP-C30002 31.2 L/h 1.8 Bar $998.78
    ATO-DP-C04015 4.2 L/h 14.1 Bar $289.86
    ATO-DP-C06011 6.8 L/h 11.3 Bar $998.78

     Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now

    The rated flow of the ATO dosing pump is in the range of 1.08-31.2 L/h, and the output pressure is 1.8-22.7 bar. The outlet flow of the dosing pump can be realized according to the stroke frequency.

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