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    Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 9 L/h Flow

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    Sell diaphragm dosing pump at the best price, 9 L/h flow, 3.5 bar pressure, digital display metering pump, used in paper industry, industrial wastewater treatment and water treatment plant.
    SKU: ATO-DP-V09003
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    Diaphragm solenoid metering pump for sale, flow 9 L/h, 24 watt, resistant to weak acid and alkali, low price, button adjustment to control the flow rate, easy to use.

    9 L/h Diaphragm Metering Pump Features

    • Green screen digital display, brand new circuit design, more stable operation
    • Stroke frequency button adjustment
    • New type of one-way valve assembly, PTFE valve seat, acid and alkali resistance, more reasonable structure, stronger sealing
    • ACEH/PC shell, strong and durable structure, weather resistance is far better than ABS material
    • A variety of pump heads and sealing materials are available, suitable for a wider range of media delivery
    • Optional low liquid level stop pump and alarm function
    • Added diaphragm damage protection and alarm function
    • Optional external pulse signal or 4-20mA analog signal.

    Diaphragm Dosing Pump Specification:

    Model ATO-DP-V09003
    Power 24W
    Flow 9 L/h
    Pressure 3.5 Bar
    Stroke 120 N/m
    Wet Suction Range 1.5m
    Dosing Pump Tubing 4 x 6mm
    Interface DN 15mm
    Power Supply 220V
    Repeated Measurement Accuracy -5%~5%
    Allowable Ambient Temperature 5℃~180℃ (PTFE pump head ),
    Allowable Medium Viscosity High viscosity pump head ≤ 1000 mPA.s
    Particle Diameter ≤0.15mm
    Protection Class IP55
    Insulation Class F
    Weight 2.9 kg
    Warranty Period 12 Months

    Digital Dosing Pump Dimension (unit: mm)
    Dosing pump dimension

    Existing reviews of Diaphragm Dosing Pump, 9 L/h Flow
    I am pleased with this diaphragm metering pump
    I have been using the diaphragm metering pump for a few months now and I must say that it has changed the way I work. ATO diaphragm metering pump is accurate and I highly recommend it!
    From: Qunta | Date: 14/02/2023
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