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    Dosing Pump Working Principle

    Dosing pump is a kind of metering pump, dosing pump is a kind of fluid can be measured (especially corrosive liquid) special displacement pump. It is generally composed of the control part, the driving part, the transmission part and the flow part, the main difference between the electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump and other metering pumps is the driving part.

    Dosing pump is driven by electromagnet, designed for conveying small flow and low pressure liquid metering pump. The electromagnetic diaphragm pump has simple structure, easy control, low energy consumption, accurate measurement and convenient adjustment.
    Dosing pump

    Working principle of dosing pump

    The working principle of dosing pump is relatively simple, but because it involves highly corrosive liquid and high-precision flow, it has very high requirements for every part and every process of the machine. When the coil of the electromagnet is charged, the iron core pulls the electromagnetic push rod together, and at the same time, the corresponding five springs are compressed and the liquid is quantitatively sucked in. And when the coil of the electromagnet loses power, due to the disappearance of the electromagnetic force, the compressed 5 springs will be released, so that the liquid is quantitatively discharged.

    Because the diaphragm dosing pump is generally transported are highly corrosive liquid, so the material in direct contact with the liquid has high corrosion resistance requirements. Material selection priority is to consider the corrosion resistance of materials, processing performance.

    Pump head is part of measuring fluid flow, its quality is good or bad performance in general structure rationality, the resistance to corrosion, sealing, electromagnetic diaphragm pump with high precision measurement, stable performance, strong corrosion resistance, protection grade reaches IP65, insulation class F, flow standard manual adjustment, 4-20 ma acceptable or external pulse signal to control signal. Multiple material combinations are available, suitable for all chemical applications. Its circuit board is precise, free from electromagnetic interference and highly waterproof. With unique electromagnet technology and built-in thermal protection function, the safety is very high when using. Inlet and outlet check valves are double ball valves, which can effectively improve the accuracy of flow.

    Now buy ATO metering pump, small volume, meet the harsh installation environment, small power, energy saving and environmental protection, dosing pump flow range can choose from 1.08L /h, 4.2L /h, 21.6L /h to 31.2L /h.

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