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    Electric Chain Hoist Working Principle

    Electric chain hoist is a hoisting and transporting machine that is used to lift or lower heavy loads and can move in the horizontal direction. It has the characteristics of small lifting weight, simple result and convenient operation, and is widely used in the installation, lifting and maintenance of small equipment in industrial and mining enterprises. Generally, electric powered chain hoists have only one constant running speed.

    How does an electric chain hoist work?

    Electric chain hoist structure

    1: Wire drum, 2: Cone motor, 3: Reducer, 4: Electromagnetic brake, 5: Motor, 6: Limit switch

    The electric hoist is composed of two structurally interconnected hoisting mechanisms and moving devices, which are dragged by a hoisting motor and a moving motor respectively. The motor of the hoisting mechanism drags the wire drum through the reduction box. The lifted wire drum is driven by the conical motor through the reduction box, and the main drive shaft is connected with the conical disc of the electromagnetic brake. The electrical powered chain hoist moves back and forth on the I-beam by the action of the guide wheel, and the guide wheel is driven by another motor through the cylindrical reduction box. The traveling mechanism of the electric hoist is provided with an electromagnetic brake, and the movement in the front and rear directions is restricted by a mechanical striker.

    • The main control valve controls the three-phase motor.
      The chain block equipment needs power when lifting heavy loads, so the motor of the electric chain hoist is the main driving force, and it is also its role that promotes the operation of the electric hoist. Therefore, for the hoist to be lifted smoothly, the motor is a very important component, which can not only ensure safety, but also realize the smooth lifting of the hoist.
    • The lifting sprocket makes the lifting stable.
      The motor is relative to the heart of the person, and the chain is the arm. The motor can play a power role, and the chain is the connection role, which is indispensable. The chain has many advantages, such as being very light and durable, and it is a critical component for lifting. The hoisting sprocket can control the hoisting chain well, and it will also appear very safe and very stable during the operation.
    • Effective braking of the braking system.
      During the lifting process or at the end, the braking system will work automatically, at the same time, which is generally done by the braking system. Moreover, the use of a variety of disc brake systems can make the brake system run safer and more orderly.
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