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    Chain Hoist Buying Guide

    Chain hoists are divided into air chain hoist and electric chain hoist. Air operated chain hoist is a lifting device that uses compressed air as a power source to drive internal mechanical parts to lift and heavy loads. It is composed of a lifting mechanism, a walking mechanism and a gas distribution system. Pneumatic chain block hoist has the characteristics of high frequency, infinitely variable speed and safety. Electric chain hoist is a special lifting equipment powered 3 phase full copper motor to move heavy loads.

    Why is the air chain hoist the best choice in the market? Because it is currently a lifting equipment suitable for many industries and many environments. It is generally suitable for chemical, textile, painting, logistics, docks, etc., as well as special scenes such as high temperature, high dust, strong corrosive, and humid workplaces. Now the load-bearing range of the air powered chain hoist has been greatly improved. The lowest load-bearing pneumatic hoist is 250 kg, while the highest load-bearing pneumatic chain hoist can carry 30 tons. Air powered chain hoist can be combined with explosion-proof hand-pulled trolley or pneumatic trolley to form a mobile pneumatic lifting tool. At present, there are three types of pneumatic hoists commonly used in industry, namely vane type, piston type and cylinder type. They are mainly composed of four parts, including the air distribution system, the power system, the deceleration system and the hoisting system.

    What should be considered when buying a chain hoist?

    • Height of chain hoist: Whether electric hoists or pneumatic hoists are mainly used for lifting, relocation, and convenient disassembly. So the height of the gourd is a very important parameter.
    • Lifting speed of chain hoist: There are two kinds of hoist speed, including single speed and double speed. Usually buying a single speed pneumatic hoist is enough.
    • The weight of the load: the minimum load capacity is 250kg, and the maximum load capacity can reach 30 tons. You can choose a right one according to the loads that you need to lift and move.

    ATO air chain hoist selection guide

    Product SKU Capacity Lift Price
    Air chain block hoist price ATO-ACH-30010 300 lb. (0.15 Ton) 10 ft. $2899.79
    ATO-ACH-50010 500 lb. (1/4 Ton) 10 ft. $3,072.19
    ATO-ACH-50020 500 lb. (1/4 Ton) 20 ft. $3,167.99
    ATO-ACH-100010 1000 lb. (1/2 Ton) 10 ft. $3,269.99
    ATO-ACH-100020 1000 lb. (1/2 Ton) 20 ft. $3,357.89
    ATO-ACH-200010 2000 lb. (1 Ton) 10 ft. $3,762.49
    ATO-ACH-200020 2000 lb. (1 Ton) 20 ft. $3,951.99

    ATO electric chain hoist selection guide

    Product SKU Capacity Lift Price
    Electric chain hoist price ATO-ECH-0D25 1/4 Ton (500 lb.) 10 ft. $1,545.69
    ATO-ECH-0D5 1/2 Ton (1000 lb.) 10 ft. $2,138.47
    ATO-ECH-01 1 Ton (2000 lb.) 10 ft. $2,682.77
    ATO-ECH-02 2 Ton (4000 lb.) 10 ft. $3,802.85
    ATO-ECH-03 3 Ton (6000 lb.) 10 ft. $4,662.15
    ATO-ECH-05 5 Ton (10000 lb.) 10 ft. $5,485.63
    ATO-ECH-10 10 Ton (20000 lb.) 10 ft. $11,325.48

    Why choose ATO chain hoists?

    Air chain hoists and electric chain hoists are indispensable machine in industry. They have many advantages that other equipment is far from. ATO hoists are stronger and more durable than others from other manufacturers and suppliers, and can work for long hours. In addition, they can work as usual in a high temperature environment. The following are advantages of ATO chain hoist.


    • The operation speed of the chain hoist is 5 - 10 times faster than the manual chain hoist.
    • Its installation can cooperate with cantilever crane or guide rail to realize movement.


    • The chain hoist is smaller in size, light in weight and solid in structure, so it is more reliable to use.
    • It can work in special or harsh environments such as moisture, humidity and high dust.
    • Its internal lubrication system can remove air pollution, making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
    • Air chain hoist has a gas cut-off protection setting, which can avoid the falling of the load caused by the sudden interruption of the air source.


    • Because the advantages of high frequency and infinitely variable speed, ATO hoists can be widely used in various industries, such as automobiles, tractors, motors, refrigerators and other manufacturing industries and logistics industries.
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