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    10 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

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    Heavy duty 10 ton electric chain hoist for sale. 4 chains and single lifting speed of 8.8 FPM (2.7 m/min), designed for flexibility and durability in lifting. Durable chain fall comes with 3 meter (10 ft.) height of lift as standard, available in 3 phase 230V, 400V, 480V power supply, 24V, 36V, 48V control voltage.
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    Electrical chain hoist can lift up to 10 ton capacity, which is perfect for your need in industrial applications and at demanding construction site.


    • Shell: ATO electric chain hoist adopts aluminum alloy shell with high heat dissipation rate and fully enclosed design which is suitable for use in harsh working environments.
    • Limit switch: The limit switch device of the electric chain hoist is installed at the position of lifting and closing heavy loads, so that the motor stops automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding the limit and ensure safety.
    • Chain: The chain adopts FEC80 super heat-treated aluminum alloy chain, which can be used in harsh environments.
    • Hook: The hook of the electric chain hoist is hot forged with good strength that is not easy to break. The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece.
    • Side Magnetic Brake Device: The magnetic force generator is the latest designed device that can generate magnetic force. It can brake immediately when the power is cut off, so as to ensure the braking safety when loading.


    Model ATO-SSDHL-1004S
    Speed Type Single speed
    Capacity 10 ton
    Lifting Speed 8.8 FPM (2.7 m/min)
    Motor Power 3 kW*2
    Rotation Speed 1440 r/min
    Standard Lifting Length 3m, contact us for other length
    Protection Grade IP54
    Insulation Grade F
    Power Supply (Optional) 3 phase 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 480V
    Control Voltage (Optional) 24V/ 36V/ 48V
    No. of Chain 4
    Diameter of Load Chain 11.2 mm
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 300 kg / 320 kg


    H: 1400mm, A: 630mm, B: 315mm, D: 890mm, E: 445mm

    10 ton electric chain hoist dimension

    Tips: How to install the electric chain hoist?

    1. Before installation, be sure to check whether the appearance of the equipment is in good condition, whether all parts are complete, and whether the tools you need to use meet the specified standards.
    2. For the installation of the electric hoist, it must be ensured that the hook and pulley can be flexibly rotated during the later operation.
    3. When choosing the installation environment and working environment of the electric hoist, you must pay attention to whether the temperature, moderation, and voltage and current meet the equipment rated standards.
    4. When installing and using such lifting equipment, there should be no corrosive gas around, let alone flammable and explosive items.
    5. The newly installed or overhauled lifting equipment needs to go through the corresponding empty car test run before it can be officially started for work.
    6. After the installation is completed, it is necessary to take a series of debugging operations to strictly check whether the limit device of the equipment meets the specified standards.
    7. As far as possible after each installation, commissioning, overhaul and maintenance, take corresponding written records to ensure that any problems with the equipment can be found with signs to find the cause.
    8. Pay attention to whether there is a good grounding measure for the connection of the power cord, and make sure that the plug has a good contact.
    9. After installation and before operation, lubricate all chains and rotating parts of the lifting equipment to ensure that the degree of lubrication meets the specified standards.
    Existing reviews of 10 Ton Electric Chain Hoist
    High performance 10 Ton electric chain hoist
    The electric chain hoist works very well, easy to install and nicely made. Arrive on time and well packed. The customer service is so amazing!
    From: Aispuro | Date: 28/06/2022
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    Excellent electric chain hoist.
    I have used this electric chain hoist daily at work now for a week and a half. I use it off and on all day long to lift heavy electric bikes. It works great with no problems. I would buy this hoist again in a heartbeat. Worth every penny.
    From: Cade | Date: 19/05/2022
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    I like this electric chain hoist a lot.
    I like this electric chain hoist a lot. Arrived fast and easy to install. I'm a motorcycle mechanic and need to lift heavy motorcycles. I've been using it for a week without any problems. I'll buy it again if I need.
    From: Annette | Date: 17/05/2022
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    Worked as advertised.
    The electric chain hoist is robust with reasonably price. I used it to hold up my kayak for storage and make for easy access up and down. It is easy to install and works as it should. So far this hoist has performed as expected. Good quality and well worth what you pay.
    From: Freddy | Date: 27/04/2022
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