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    3 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

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    Affordable price electric chain hoist can lift up to 3 ton (3000 kg) capacity, with a single lifting speed of 17.7 FPM, 14.4 FPM, 7.2 FPM, corresponding to 1, 2 and 3 chains. 3-phase 400V power chain hoist is perfect for lifting and moving heavy loads in industry.
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    3 ton electrical power chain hoist with 3-phase 400V operation voltage fits perfectly with the industry standard. Because of stable load, this electric chain block hoist can be widely used in transport, construction, and other areas for lifting and moving heavy loads.


    • Shell: ATO electric chain hoist adopts aluminum alloy shell with high heat dissipation rate and fully enclosed design which is suitable for use in harsh working environments.
    • Limit switch: The limit switch device of the electric chain hoist is installed at the position of lifting and closing heavy loads, so that the motor stops automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding the limit and ensure safety.
    • Chain: The chain adopts FEC80 super heat-treated aluminum alloy chain, which can be used in harsh environments.
    • Hook: The hook of the electric chain hoist is hot forged with good strength that is not easy to break. The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece.
    • Side Magnetic Brake Device: The magnetic force generator is the latest designed device that can generate magnetic force. It can brake immediately when the power is cut off, so as to ensure the braking safety when loading.


    Model ATO-SSDHL-0301S ATO-SSDHL-0302S ATO-SSDHL-0303S
    Speed Type Single speed
    Capacity 3 ton
    No. of Chain 1 2 3
    Lifting Speed 17.7 FPM (5.4 m/min) 14.4 FPM (4.4 m/min) 7.2 FPM (2.2 m/min)
    Motor Power 3 kW 3 kW 1.5 kW
    Rotation Speed 1440 r/min
    Standard Lifting Length 3m, contact us for other length
    Protection Level IP54
    Insulation Grade F
    Power Supply (Optional) 3 phase 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 480V
    Control Voltage (Optional) 24V/ 36V/ 48V
    Diameter of Load Chain 11.2 mm 10 mm 7.1 mm
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 122 kg / 133kg 131 kg / 143 kg 85 kg / 95 kg


    H: 845mm, A: 615mm, B: 295mm, D: 430mm, E: 265mm

    Electric chain hoist dimension

    Tips: How to lubricate electric chain hoist?

    1. Open the box where the equipment is installed, remove the tape on it, and then take the equipment out for trial operation. Don’t be in a hurry during operation, otherwise it will cause the wire rope to roll back and damage the limiter; at the same time, avoid the wire rope and the limiter. Direct contact with the frame, otherwise the limit switch will fail, causing the equipment to not operate normally.
    2. It is necessary to ensure that the fuselage of the equipment cannot be moved or rotated along the installation rod when it is installed; when the equipment is formally installed, it must be carefully inspected, and it can be installed only after the inspection is confirmed; the buffer on both sides of the track or I-beam The device must be installed neatly; the support points of the I-beam must be carried out according to the drawings, and it is necessary to check whether the link is firm.
    3. When the equipment is hoisted, it can be installed by crane according to the actual situation of the construction site. Of course, the hoist can also be used to set the hoisting of the pulley block. When hoisting, special attention must be paid to adopting protective measures, so as to ensure that the equipment is not damaged. After installation, it is necessary to conduct a test run. After turning on the power supply, first check whether the shipping direction of each motor is consistent with the direction of the control button.
    Existing reviews of 3 Ton Electric Chain Hoist
    Good value for the price.
    Great electric chain hoist for the money, with 3 ton load capacity. I used it to hang an inflatable boat on my garage, it works great. Easy to install. Installed in 1.5 hours. Held weight easily. This hoist is good quality and well worth what you pay.
    From: Annette | Date: 16/05/2022
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    Works very well.
    I’ve been using this 3 ton electric chain hoist for a few months now and I am very pleased. I used it to lift a heavy object out of the bed for my pickup and set it softly on the ground. Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with this hoist and would order another if the need arose.
    From: Jimp | Date: 25/04/2022
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