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    Electric Chain Hoist Working Principle

    Electric chain hoist is a hoisting and transporting machine that is used to lift or lower heavy loads and can move in the horizontal direction. It has the characteristics of small lifting weight, simple result and convenient operation, and is widely used in the installation, lifting and maintenance of small equipment in industrial and mining enterprises. Generally, electrical power chain hoists have only one constant running speed.

    Chain Hoist Buying Guide

    Chain hoists are divided into air chain hoist and electric chain hoist. Air operated chain hoist is a lifting device that uses compressed air as a power source to drive internal mechanical parts to lift and heavy loads. It is composed of a lifting mechanism, a walking mechanism and a gas distribution system. Pneumatic chain block hoist has the characteristics of high frequency, infinitely variable speed and safety. Electric chain hoist is a special lifting equipment powered 3 phase full copper motor to move heavy loads.