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    Types of Dosing Pump

    Due to the different power drive and fluid transport, dosing pump can be roughly divided into two types: plunger type and diaphragm type.

    1. Piston dosing pumpDosing pump

    There are two main types of plunger metering pumps, valve pumps and valveless pumps. Plunger metering pump has been widely used in petrochemical industry due to its simple structure, high temperature and high pressure resistance. In view of the shortage of ordinary plunger pump in high viscosity media under high pressure, valveless rotary plunger metering pump has received more and more attention. It is widely used in syrup, chocolate, oil additives and other high viscosity media to increase metering. Plunger metering pumps face many limitations in fluid metering applications that require high contamination resistance due to the inability to achieve complete isolation between metering media and lubricants in the pump.

    2. Diaphragm dosing pump

    Diaphragm dosing pump with specially designed flexible diaphragm instead of piston, under the action of driving mechanism to achieve reciprocating movement, complete the suction and discharge process. Due to the isolation of the diaphragm, the isolation between the metering fluid and the driving lubrication mechanism is truly achieved in structure. The use of high-tech structural design and the selection of new materials, greatly improve the service life of the diaphragm. Diaphragm metering pumps, combined with the excellent corrosion resistance of composite materials, have become the main pump type in fluid metering applications.

    In the diaphragm metering pump types, hydraulic drive diaphragm pump using hydraulic oil evenly drive diaphragm, overcome the mechanical direct drive pump diaphragm force concentration is too large shortcomings, improve the diaphragm life and higher working pressure. In order to overcome the working failure caused by the diaphragm damage of the single diaphragm metering pump, some metering pumps are equipped with diaphragm damage sensor, automatic interlocking protection when the diaphragm is damaged, the pump head metering of the double diaphragm structure further improves its safety and improves the safety of the metering pump. Suitable for security-sensitive applications. Click to buy ATO Dosing Pump and we will give you more discount.

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