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    Pressure Test Pump Price List

    Pressure test pump is specialized for all kinds of pressure vessels, pipes, valves, boilers, cylinders, fire equipment for hydraulic test and laboratory to obtain high pressure liquid testing equipment. The common pressure test pump has manual pressure test pump and electric pressure test pump.

    Manual hydraulic pressure test pump is the main test instrument for the determination of pressure vessels and pressure equipment, the highest working pressure can reach 800 kg/mm, can correctly point out 0-800 kg/mm within any stage of the correct pressure for water pressure test. Widely used in boiler, chemical industry, light industry, construction and installation engineering, aerospace, scientific system, specialized test all kinds of pressure vessels and pressure equipment, pipe valves, rubber pipe fittings and other pressure devices for pressure test.

    Electric test pump belongs to the reciprocating piston pump, the motor drives the plunger, drives the slider movement and then infuses the water into the tested object, so that the pressure gradually rises. The machine is composed of pump body, switch, pressure gauge, water tank, motor and so on.

    ATO provides various type of hydraulic pressure testing pump. Now we will show youhydraulic pressure test pump price for your refererence.

    ATO Pressure Test Pump Price List

    Product SKU Working Pressure Wight Price
    Manual pressure test pump 1.6 MPa ATO-MPTP-SB 1.6 MPa 5.5 kg $108.38
    Manual pressure test pump 2.5 MPa ATO-MPTP-SYB 2.5 MPa 2.9 kg $107.38
    Manual pressure test pump-5 MPa ATO-MPTP-KP 5 MPa 3 kg $154.38
    Electric pressure test pump 6 MPa ATO-EPTP-DSY 6 MPa 12.5 kg $269.31
    Electric pressure test pump 10 MPa ATO-EPTP-3DSY 10 MPa 18.4 kg $463.84

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If you want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now.

    Manual Pressure Test Pump Operation Steps:

    • Assemble the pressure test pump, check whether the main body and accessories are complete.
    • Connect one end of oil tube to pump body. (Pay attention to seal connection and add gaskets, otherwise water will leak)
    • Connect the other end of oil tube to the pipeline to be tested. (Be sure to wrap it with PTFE TAPE)
    • Fill the tested pipe with water, exhaust air, then close the pressure relief valve.
    • Fill the water tank with water, then press the handle rod up and down to start pressure test and pressurization.
    • When the pressure gauge reading rises to the required value, pressurization can be stopped at this time.
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