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    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 1.6-40 MPa

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    Competitive price manual pressure test pump for sale. Pressure test pump with 1.6, 2.5, 4, 6.3, 10, 16, 25 and 40 MPa working pressure. Semi enclosed or fully enclosed water tank can be chosen. It can provide high pressure liquid sources in workshop. Hand operated pressure test pump is convenient for us.
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    Pressure test pump price is affordable. Hydraulic test pump is used in pressure testing for various pressure vessels, valves, pipelines, rubber pipe fittings and steam boilers. It can also be used as equipment to provide high pressure liquid sources in various laboratories.


    Model Working Pressure Flow Rate and Water Tank Horse Port Weight and Dimension
    ATO-SB-1.6 1.6 MPa (232psi) 13 mL/ time, semi enclosed G1/2" (DN15, 20mm) 5.5 kg, 340*160*220
    ATO-SB-2.5 2.5 MPa (363 psi)
    ATO-SB-4.0 4.0 MPa (580 psi)
    ATO-SB-6.3 6.3 MPa (914 psi) 8.5 kg, 340*160*220/270
    ATO-SB-10 10 MPa (1450 psi) 38 mL/ time, fully enclosed
    ATO-SB-16 16 MPa (2321 psi) 9.5 kg, 365*180*270
    ATO-SB-25 25 MPa (3626 psi) 11.5 kg, 400*200*295
    ATO-SB-40 40 MPa (5802 psi)

    Manual Pressure Test Pump Structure:

    Manual pressure test pump dimension 40 MPa

    Manual Pressure Test Pump Operation Steps:

    1. Manual pressure test pump operation stepsAssemble the pressure test pump, check whether the main body and accessories are complete.
    2. Connect one end of oil tube to pump body. (Pay attention to seal connection and add gaskets, otherwise water will leak)
    3. Connect the other end of oil tube to the pipeline to be tested. (Be sure to wrap it with PTFE TAPE)
    4. Fill the tested pipe with water, exhaust air, then close the pressure relief valve.
    5. Fill the water tank with water, then press the handle rod up and down to start pressure test and pressurization.
    6. When the pressure gauge reading rises to the required value, pressurization can be stopped at this time.

    Tips: Precautions for Using Manual Pressure Test Pump

    • The normal water pressure of tap water is 0.3 MPa (0.1MPa is 1kg pressure), and the water pressure of high floors is 0.4 MPa.
    • Water pipe pressure testing is generally between 0.8-1.0 MPa. Pressure testing time for household pipelines is maintained at 2 to 4 hours. (The specific situation is subject to the actual construction environment)
    • Pressure testing for home should be between 0.8-1.0 MPa. Excessive pressure will shorten the service life of pipeline and even cause fatal damage to pipeline. For industrial pressure testing, adjust pressure according to demand.
    • The manual pressure test pump has 3 sealing rings, which are located at the internal thread of union, the check valve and the pump body.
    • These sealing rings have been installed at factory, and users do not need to install them again.
    • Hose union must be installed last, otherwise the high pressure hose will be easily damaged.
    Existing reviews of Manual Pressure Test Pump, 1.6-40 MPa
    Great help to my experiment
    I bought this 1.6 MPa manual pressure test pump for my experiment. The high quality pressure test pump can bring great help to my experiment, and the data obtained is more accurate. I'm quite satisfied with this pressure test pump.
    From: Eambay | Date: 14/06/2022
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