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    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 5/ 10 MPa

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    Pressure test pump at affordable price for sale online. Manual pressure test pump belongs to hydraulic test pump. 4.5L large water capacity and 32mL/ time water suction frequency. Pressure test pump with 5 and 10 MPa working pressure can be chosen. Hydraulic pump applies in various situations, especially used in pipe water pressure testing.
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    Pressure test pump is a hand operated hydraulic pump. It is a tool good for testing water pressure and sealing performance. Manual pressure test pump with high quality plastic and iron water bank. It is best for pressure vessels and PPR pipes.


    Model ATO-50K-P ATO-100K-P
    Working Pressure 5 MPa (725 psi) 10 MPa (1450 psi)
    Water Absorption Frequency 32 mL
    Water Tank Capacity 4.5L
    Hose Port G1/2" (DN15, 20mm)
    Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 300*180*300mm
    Pump Plunger Shaft Diameter 35mm
    Water Tank Material Plastic Iron
    Weight 3 kg 3.5 kg

    Manual Pressure Test Pump Dimension:

    Manual pressure test pump dimension 5 MPaManual Pressure Test Pump Operation Steps:

    5 MPa manual pressure test pump operation steps

    1. Assemble the pressure test pump, check whether the main body and accessories are complete.
    2. Connect one end of oil tube to pump body. (Pay attention to seal connection and add gaskets, otherwise water will leak)
    3. Connect the other end of oil tube to the pipeline to be tested. (Be sure to wrap it with PTFE TAPE)
    4. Fill the tested pipe with water, exhaust air, then close the pressure relief valve.
    5. Fill the water tank with water, then press the handle rod up and down to start pressure test and pressurization.
    6. When the pressure gauge reading rises to the required value, pressurization can be stopped at this time.

    Tips: How to Maintain a Manual Pressure Test Pump?

    • The medium in pump body and water tank should keep clean, no dirt and other debris are allowed.
    • Check the sealing points of each part for running, bubbling, dripping and leakage.
    • Avoid vibration when using pressure gauge and handle it with care.
    • Check whether the connecting bolts of each part are loose or vibration caused by looseness.
    • Check packing seal frequently and replace packing leakage in time.
    • If the manual pressure pump will not be used for a long time, drain the medium clean before stopping , apply engine oil on the unpainted exposed surface. Add anti-rust oil or engine oil to the pump. Note that when doing pressure test on oil-free containers, it is strictly prohibited to use engine oil or anti-rust oil for maintenance, other anti-corrosion measures should be taken.
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    Great manual pressure test pump
    I used this manual pressure test pump today for the first time and were impressed on how well it was put together. Awesome tool at a great price! I will recommend to my friends!
    From: Adcock | Date: 21/11/2022
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