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    Pneumatic Foot Pedal Price List

    What is a pneumatic foot pedal?

    The pneumatic foot pedal is used to remotely signal other pneumatic devices within the system, for example they can operate the cylinder that holds the workpiece in place, thus enabling hands-free machine operation. The locking foot padel locks the workpiece in place; on removal of the foot, the pawl crosses the pedal lever and holds it down, the reinsertion of the foot releases the pawl. Spring return version for performing repetitive functions such as metering, pressing, stamping or drilling, with the valve resetting on removal of the foot.

    Pneumatic foot pedals are commonly used in wet environments. Instead of using electricity, the foot pedal is compressed by "blowing" a stream of air through some PVC tubing to an air switch. The activation of the air switch will operate the device to which the switch is connected. The main reason for using a pneumatic foot pedal is to keep the user away from electricity. This is extremely important for the safety of the user in wet environments.

    Pneumatic foot pedal price list

    Product SKU Number of Positions Port Size Price
     Covered pneumatic foot pedal ATO-PFD-4F2108G 5 way 2 position PT 1/4 $39.37
     Pneumatic foot pedal with lock ATO-PFD-4F2108L 5 way 2 position PT 1/4 $20.37
     Pneumatic foot pedal 3 way ATO-PFD-FV3206 3 way 2 position PT 1/8 $27.97
     4 Way pneumatic foot pedal ATO-PFD-FV420 4 way 2 position PT 1/4 $25.96
     Pneumati foot pedal with pneumatic fitting ATO-PFD-FV4206 4 way 2 position PT 1/4 $27.39
     5 Way 2 position pneumatic foot pedal ATO-PFD-4F2108 5 way 2 position PT 1/4 $21.39
     Pneumatic foot pedal 2 position ATO-PFD-FV320 3 way 2 position PT 1/8 $23.39
     Pneumatic foot pedal with pneumatic fitting ATO-PFD-4F21086 5 way 2 position PT 1/4 $28.79

     Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

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