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    Insulation Resistance Tester Price List

    An insulation resistance tester, also known as a megohmmeter or a megger, is an electrical test instrument used to measure the resistance of electrical insulation in various equipment and cables. The primary purpose of this instrument is to assess the integrity of insulation materials in electrical systems, ensuring they can effectively prevent the flow of electrical current between conductors and to ground. This is essential for maintaining the safety and reliability of electrical systems.

    The price of insulation resistance tester can be influenced by factors such as the testing voltage range, accuracy, brand reputation, and additional features like data logging capabilities, bluetooth connectivity, and more advanced testing options. In this article, ATO industrial automation will list the price of insulation resistance tester for your reference.

    ATO Resistance Tester Price List

    Product SKU Test voltage (V) Measurement Range (Ω) Load Current (mA) Power Supply Price (USD)
    Insulation Resistance Tester ATO-IRT-UT501A 100 ~ 1000 0.00 MΩ ~ 5.0 GΩ 1 LR6 x 6 176.15
    ATO-IRT-UT502A 500 ~ 2500 0.00 MΩ ~ 20.0 GΩ 1 LR6 x 6 295.46
    Megger Insulation Tester ATO-IRT-UT511 100 ~ 1000 0.1 MΩ ~ 10 GΩ - LR14 x 8 335.72
    ATO-IRT-UT512 500 ~ 2500 1 MΩ ~ 100 GΩ - LR14 x 8 524.59
    ATO-IRT-UT513 500 ~ 5000 1 MΩ ~ 1000 GΩ - LR14 x 8 952.3
     Product SKU Earth Ground Resistance (Ω) AC Earth Voltage (V) Data storage (Set) Power Supply  Price (USD)
    Digital Ground Resistance Tester ATO-GRT-UT521 0 ~ 4000 0 - 400 20 LR6 x 6 361.53
    Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester ATO-GRT-UT273 0.01 ~ 1000 - 30 LR6 x 4 869.23

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now. Generally, you can get a discount on

    To determine the specific price of an insulation resistance tester, you'll need to research and compare the options available in the market and consider your specific testing requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about our products, we will reply you as quickly as we can!

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