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    Digital Ground Resistance Tester, 0-2000Ω/4000Ω

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    Digital earth ground tester is designed to measure the earth ground resistance, measuring range available with 0 to 2000 Ohm or 0 to 4000 Ohm. The meter can also perform earth voltage test, 0 ~ 200V or 0 ~ 400V. Large LCD display with backlight, easy to read. High stability and low cost.
    SKU: ATO-GRT-UT521
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    Digital ground resistance tester is capable of making precise 3-wire and simple 2-wire earth resistance measurement. The earth testing meter is applied for the earth resistance measurement of grounding systems of various power systems, electrical equipment, lightning protection equipment, etc., and also support AC ground voltage test. Light weight, rugged and portable, high reliability and affordable price.


    Model ATO-GRT-UT521 ATO-GRT-UT522
    Earth Ground Resistance (Ω) 0 ~ 20Ω ±(2%+10)
    0 ~ 200Ω ±(2%+3)
    0 ~ 2000Ω ±(2%+3)
    0 ~ 40Ω ±(2%+20)
    0 ~ 400Ω ±(2%+3)
    0 ~ 4000Ω ±(2%+3)
    AC Earth Voltage (V) 0 ~ 200V ±(1%+4)
    0 ~ 400V ±(1%+6)
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Features Display 2000 counts 4000 counts
    Manual range
    Auto power off
    Low battery indication
    Data hold
    Data storage 20 sets 20 sets
    LCD backlight
    Full icon display
    Double insulation protection
    Poor contact display Display "...Ω" Display "...Ω"
    Over-range display Display "OL" Display "OL"
    Simple 2-wire testing
    Precise 3-wire testing
    General Power supply 1.5V battery (LR6) x 6
    Display 70.6mm x 34mm
    Operating temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
    Operating relative humidity ≤80%RH (non-condensing)
    Operating altitude ≤2000m
    Storage temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
    Storage relative humidity ≤75%RH (non-condensing)
    Product weight 560g
    Product size 160mm x 100mm x 70.5mm
    Accessories * Simple test leads with alligator clips, standard test leads with alligator clips, earth spike, batteries, carrying bag

    Note: * Batteries are Not Included for air shippment.


    UT521 Megger Insulation Tester Details

    Tips: Why do we need test the grounding system?

    Good grounding is not only the guarantee for personal safety, but also to prevent plant and equipment from the damage. A good grounding system will improve the reliability of the equipment and reduce the possibility of damage caused by lightning or fault current.

    Over time, high humidity, high salinity, and high temperature will change the properties of the soil, possibly increasing the corrosive proximity of the grounding rod and its connections. Thus, although the grounding system has a very low grounding resistance when initially installed, the resistance of the grounding system increases if the grounding rod is corroded. The ground resistance tester is a necessary troubleshooting tool to help you ensure the normal operation of the system. When a troublesome intermittent electrical fault occurs, the fault may be related to poor grounding or poor power quality. This is why it is strongly recommended that all grounding systems and grounding connections be inspected annually as part of predictive maintenance plans. If the measured resistance increases by more than 20% during regular inspection, the technician shall investigate the cause of the problem and reduce the resistance by replacing the grounding system or adding grounding rods to the grounding system.

    Existing reviews of Digital Ground Resistance Tester, 0-2000Ω/4000Ω
    Portable digital ground resistance tester
    I purchased a digital ground resistance tester and I'm very satisfied with its performance. Its digital display is very clear, making the test results easy to read, and it's very easy to operate. It's compact and lightweight, making it convenient to carry to different sites for testing. Additionally, its measurement accuracy is also satisfactory, and I feel confident in the accuracy of the test results.
    From: Keira | Date: 27/05/2024
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    Clear and accurate readings
    I bought this digital ground resistance tester for a heating floor installation. It has clear and accurate readings. Totally enough for my needs.
    From: Carl | Date: 20/04/2022
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