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    Pneumatic Foot Pedal, 4 Way 2 Position

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    Pneumatic foot pedal switch for air control and air direction change, 4 way 2 position, one in and two out, with one muffler, reinforcement spring made of thicker stainless steel, high strength.
    SKU: ATO-PFD-FV420
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    The most favorable pneumatic foot valve is equipped with muffler to reduce noise, 4-way 2-position, operating pressure range. 0~0.8 MPa, widely used in various pneumatic systems.


    • Model: ATO-FV420
    • Working Medium: Air
    • Action Mode: Foot control direct action
    • Port Size: PT 1/4
    • Number of Positions: 4 Way 2 position
    • Operating Pressure Range: 0~0.8 MPa (0~114 psi)
    • Pressure Resistance: 1.5 MPa (215 psi)
    • Working Temperature: -20~70℃
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Weight: 490g


    • Aluminum pedal, surface oxidation, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
    • Direct-acting design, easy to operate, more stable and reliable, high-quality material, long service life.
    • The internal thread of the pneumatic foot pedal valve is clear and standard, with good sealing performance, not easy to leak, and without burrs.
    • Bold spring, good quality and durable, not easy to rust.

     4 Way 2 Position Pneumatic Foot Pedal Dimension

    Pneumatic foot pedal dimension

    Pneumatic Foot Pedal Details

     Pneumatic foot operated pedal valve detail

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    Existing reviews of Pneumatic Foot Pedal, 4 Way 2 Position
    Hopefully the pneumatic foot pedal will allow me to win another race!
    I was looking for a pneumatic foot  pedal to control the airflow, and I was very pleased with the simplicity of the connection and the performance. It's exactly what I needed. I think it may need some modifications to fit my setup, but all I have to do is insert the hose into the fitting it came with.
    From: Fletcher | Date: 30/05/2022
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