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    What is a Foot Switch?

    The foot switch is a switch that operates the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it, and can also be used to control the size of the output current. The foot switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it. It is used in the control circuit that cannot be touched by both hands to replace the hands to achieve the purpose of operation.

    Foot switch

    Foot switches can be either momentary or latching.

    The model under test here is a momentary type which means it must remain compressed to perform its function.

    Foot pedal switches are well used throughout various industries. Common applications include medical equipment, stamping machines, soldering machines, sewing machines, printing machinery and other facilities where a hand control or hand switch is not accessible.

    This model is equipped with accidental touch protection design and its rated voltage and current are 250V and 15A respectively, featuring 1NO+1NC contact form.

    Foot switch components

    Next, we’ll take a detailed look at its components.

    This top portion is designed for accidental touch protection. Here is a single non-slip pedal. And a mounting hole is located here. This is a water-proof connector. And the foot switch features spring return operation.

    Take off the four screws with this screwdriver right here and remove the top portion of the case off so that we can show you what it looks like inside of this switch.

    As you can see, there’re three terminals for COM, NO (normally open) and NC (normally close).

    We’ll use light bulbs as our testing device to see how the foot switch is used to make or break an electrical circuit.

    Foot switch operation

    If the NO terminal is connected, compressing the pedal will light up the bulb, and the light will go off when releasing the pedal.

    Foot switch to light bulb

    If the NO and NC terminals are both connected, one bulb is on and the other is off; step on the switch, it would be the other way around.

    Foot switches can be connected to relays or control coils of contactors as per specific requirements, or used to directly control low-power devices.

    Foot switches allow users to realize hands free operation and multitask. Besides, the foot switch stays on the floor which means there is more room on the desk.

    Foot switches are among our most popular product categories at ATO and we offer 5 types for option. Take a look at our foot switch page on our website for more information through the link below.

    You can also view the video below to know more about ATO Foot Switch:

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