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    Water Pressure Regulator Price List

    How water pressure regulator works?

    The water pressure regulator reduces the water pressure by the local resistance of the flow channel in the valve to the water flow. The principle of constant ratio decompression is controlled by the water pressure ratio of the floating piston in the valve body, and the decompression ratio at the inlet and outlet is inversely proportional to the area ratio of the piston at the inlet and outlet.

    How to install a water pressure regulator?

    • The water pressure regulator is generally installed after the water filter, before the oil mist or fixed value, and be careful not to reverse its inlet and outlet, the regulator should be used when the knob should be relaxed, so that the diaphragm is often deformed by pressure and affect its performance.
    • For the convenience of operation and maintenance, the adjusting water pressure regulator is generally installed upright on a horizontal pipe.
    • Installation should pay attention to make the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline and the direction of the arrow shown on the valve rest.
    • In order to prevent the water pressure regulator after the pressure overpressure, should be not less than 4M away from the valve outlet to install a tap Water pressure reducing valve.

    Water pressure regulator price list

    Product SKU Size Nominal diameter Price
     RV water pressure regulator ATO-WPR-NH34 3/4 Inch DN 15mm $79.86
     Adjusting water pressure regulator ATO-WPR-DN25 1 Inch DN 25mm $101.26
    ATO-WPR-DN15 1/2 Inch DN 15mm $79.98
    ATO-WPR-DN40 1-1/2 Inch DN 40mm $129.68
    ATO-WPR-DN32 1-1/4 Inch DN 32mm $101.68
    ATO-WPR-DN50 2 Inch DN 50mm $129.68
    ATO-WPR-DN65 2-1/2 Inch DN 65mm $226.76
    ATO-WPR-DN20 3/4 Inch DN 20mm $79.99

     Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

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