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    1/2 Inch Adjusting Water Pressure Regulator

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    Adjusting brass water pressure regulator working pressure 0.6 Mpa, pipe thread diameter 1/2 inch, it can efficiently control the water pressure flowing to appliances and sockets in residential, commercial and industrial environments.
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    The 1/2 Inch adjustable water pressure reducing valve has a built-in filter (removable for cleaning) and an optional gauge, which allows users to adjust the water pressure for outdoor and home use.


    • Model: ATO-WPR-DN15
    • Drive Mode: Hydraulic control
    • Size: 1/2 Inch
    • Nominal pressure: 1.6 Mpa
    • Structure Type: Adjustable
    • Mode of Action: Double acting
    • Nominal diameter: DN 15mm
    • Type (Channel Location): Straight through
    • Function: Decompression type
    • Connection Method: Thread
    • Lining Material: Rubber
    • Flow Direction: One way
    • Working Pressure: 0.6 Mpa
    • Operating Temperature: -20℃~+80℃
    • Weight: 3.69kg
    • Dimension: 150 x 150 x 100mm

    1/2 Inch Water Pressure Regulator Detail
    Camper water pressure regulator detail

    Water pressure reducing valve detail

    Water Pressure Regulator Applications

    Water pressure regulator applications

    Tips: How to install a water pressure regulator?

    • The water pressure regulator is generally installed after the water filter, before the oil mist or fixed value, and be careful not to reverse its inlet and outlet, the regulator should be used when the knob should be relaxed, so that the diaphragm is often deformed by pressure and affect its performance.
    • For the convenience of operation and maintenance, the adjusting water pressure regulator is generally installed upright on a horizontal pipe.
    • Installation should pay attention to make the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline and the direction of the arrow shown on the valve rest.
    • In order to prevent the water pressure regulator after the pressure overpressure, should be not less than 4M away from the valve outlet to install a tap Water pressure reducing valve.
    Existing reviews of 1/2 Inch Adjusting Water Pressure Regulator
    Easily adjust water pressure to meet different needs
    After installing a 1/2 inch adjustable water pressure regulator, it was a real improvement for my home's plumbing system. After the installation, the stability of the water pressure has improved significantly and I no longer have to worry about the water flow becoming weak or fluctuating violently in the shower. Not only does this make my life easier, but it also helps the environment by saving water and energy.
    From: lily | Date: 17/09/2023
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