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    Butterfly Valve Price List

    The butterfly valve has a simple structure, small size, light weight, and few components. It is very convenient to open, just turn the switch to 90 degrees. The butterfly valve controls the fluid very well, and can increase or decrease the flow rate at any time. Generally, the valve has a certain resistance when transporting any fluid, and the resistance of the butterfly valve mainly comes from itself, such as the thickness of the butterfly valve body. If you want to reduce the resistance to the fluid, just reduce its thickness.

    Butterfly valves have a wide range of applications. If they are used to control flow, you need to choose different types and sizes of valve bodies, because butterfly valves are more suitable for valves with larger diameters when they are designed. Butterfly valves are not only widely used in general industries such as petroleum, gas, chemical, water treatment, etc., but also in the cooling water system of thermal power plants.

    ATO provides sanitary butterfly valve, pneumatic actuated butterfly valve and electric actuated butterfly valve for you to choose from. The price lists of butterfly valves are on the tables below for your reference.

    Sanitary Butterfly Valve Price List

    Product SKU Size Body Material Price
     Manual sanitary SS butterfly valve ATO-BV-12I 1/2 inch Stainless Steel $89.29
    ATO-BV-34I 3/4 inch $89.99
    ATO-BV-1I 1 inch $93.29
    ATO-BV-15I 1.5 inch $96.39
    ATO-BV-2I 2 inch $99.29
    ATO-BV-25I 2.5 inch $121.59
    ATO-BV-3I 3 inch $126.89
    ATO-BV-4I 4 inch $169.99
    ATO-BV-6I 6 inch $228.49

    Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Price List

    Product SKU Port Size Butterfly Valve Type Air Supply Port Price
    Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve ATO-PBV-50 2 inch (DN50) Wafer Type/ PVC Type 1/4 inch $195.89
    ATO-PBV-65 2-1/2 inch (DN65) $205.59
    ATO-PBV-80 3 inch (DN80) $246.69
    ATO-PBV-100 4 inch (DN100) $302.59
    ATO-PBV-125 5 inch (DN125) $382.59
    ATO-PBV-150 6 inch (DN150) $498.49
    ATO-PBV-200 8 inch (DN200) $825.49
    ATO-PBV-250 10 inch (DN250) Wafer Type $1,028.59
    ATO-PBV-300 12 inch (DN300) $1,522.98

    Electric Butterfly Valve Price List

    Product SKU Port Size Butterfly Valve Type Power Supply Price
     Electric butterfly valve ATO-EBV-50WF 2 inch (DN50) Wafer Type/ PVC Type 110V AC, 220V AC, 380V AC, 24V DC $365.09
    ATO-EBV-65WF 2-1/2 inch (DN65) $404.79
    ATO-EBV-80WF 3 inch (DN80) $444.49
    ATO-EBV-100WF 4 inch (DN100) $547.69
    ATO-EBV-125WF 5 inch (DN125) $626.99
    ATO-EBV-150WF 6 inch (DN150) $769.89
    ATO-EBV-200WF 8 inch (DN200) $825.49
    ATO-EBV-250WF 10 inch (DN250) Wafer Type $1,119.09
    ATO-EBV-300WF 12 inch (DN300) $1,769.89
    ATO-EBV-350WF 14 inch (DN350) Flanged Type $3,055.59
    ATO-EBV-400WF 16 inch (DN400) $3,753.99

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

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