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    6 inch Stainless Steel Sanitary Butterfly Valve

    Favorable price 6 inch manual sanitary butterfly valve with welded end or tri clamp end for flow control, throttling and steam service in food- processing, pharmacy and chemical industries. EPDM seat, 304 stainless steel body material, manually operated with a SS handle.
    SKU: ATO-BV-6I
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    Sanitary butterfly valve is a common hygienic valve which has better flow control characteristics in the food grade industry. This high performance butterfly valve with welded or tri-clamp end is constructed from 304 stainless steel and EPDM or PTFE seat, which can be operated by actuator or handle.


    Model ATO-BV-6I
    Type SS Sanitary Butterfly Valve
    Size 6 inch
    Connection Method (Optional) Welded End/ Tri Clamp End
    Drive Method Manual
    Body Material 304 Stainless steel (Default) / 316 stainless steel
    Washer and Gasket EPDM comforms to PFA 177.2600
    Handle AISI 304/ PP
    Surface Finishing Ra≤0.8
    Operating Torque 3Nm
    Operating Temperature -10℃~+120℃
    Max. Pressure 1MPa
    Min. Pressure 0.02MPa p.abs
    Certificate PED97-23EC, FDA.177.2600

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of Welded End and Tri Clamp End Stainless Steel Sanitary Butterfly Valve

    Size Dn D D1 J H H1 A1 A2
    6 inch 146.8 152.8 167 257 110 52.5 90 146

    Tips: Reasons for water leakage of large diameter sanitary butterfly valve

    Large-diameter sanitary butterfly valves sometimes leak water during use. Because they have relatively large specifications, you should be paid to them during installation and maintenance. However, what are the reasons for the leakage of large diameter sanitary BF valves?

    Problems of the butterfly valve itself. The anti-corrosion layer of the gate and the gate body falls off or the anti-corrosion layer is thin, causing the gate body and the gate to rust, and the thickness of the gate can be up to 30-50 mm, causing the valve to be lax. The sealing rubber ring has quality defects, and the installation is not firm or the thickness is too thin, which causes the sealing rubber ring to fall off during the operation of the brake.

    Hydraulic reasons in butterfly valve operation. Generally, the pressure of the large-diameter pipe network is above 30 meters, and the butterfly valve has to withstand greater pressure during the opening and closing process. The sudden action changes the water flow state, and the butterfly valve is closed from closing. In the state, it gradually opens to form a gap. The shear force generated by the water flow acts on the gate, cutting the edge of the gate. Repeated action may cause the rubber ring to fall off or break, and the gate will be gaped, and the valve will be loose. The phenomenon. Long-term immobility and improper maintenance of the butterfly valve cause difficulty in operating the butterfly valve.

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