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    3" Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Low price 3 inch (DN80) pneumatic wafer style butterfly valve for sale, comes with 80mm port size, working pressure PN16. Selectable cast iron wafer type or PVC type with pneumatic actuator, the air actuated butterfly control valve is high performance and reliable.
    SKU: ATO-PBV-80
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    Favorable price 3 inch pneumatic butterfly valve consists of a pneumatic actuator and a cast iron or PVC butterfly valve that comes with a 80mm (DN80) port and high performance disc. Our air actuated butterfly valve can work at high temperature below 100 °C, which is a reliable device for flow control.


    Butterfly Valve Model ATO-PBV-80
    Media Water, Air, Gas, Oil, Liquid, etc.
    Butterfly Valve Type Wafer Type PVC Type
    Port Size 3 inch (DN80, 80mm)
    Body Material Cast Iron PVC
    Disc Material Stainless Steel (SS) UPVC
    Seat Material EPDM
    Working Temperature -10 °C to 120 °C
    Pneumatic Actuator Model ATO-AT063D
    Actuator Type Double Acting
    Bore Size 63mm
    Air Pressure 0.25 - 0.8MPa, PN16
    Pressure Difference 0 - 1.0MPa
    Air Supply Port 1/4 inch
    Actuator Material Aluminum Alloy

    Wafer Butterfly Valve Body Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Body dimensions of pneumatic actuated wafer type butterfly valve

    DN L H1 H2 A D D1 N-φd
    80 45.5 95 296 167 160 132 8-18

    PVC Butterfly Valve Body Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Body dimension of pneumatic actuated PVC butterfly valve

    JIS ANSI DIN D D2 D3 H2 H3 W1 W2 d1 D4 S H L
    D1 n-φe D1 n-φe D1 n-φe
    150 8-19 152.5 4-19 160 4-18 196 79.5 123 115 13 49 31 8.5 70 17 255 275

    Pneumatic Actuator Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Pneumatic actuator dimension


    Q A B C D E F G H I
    Φ36/Φ50mm 167mm 82mm 35mm 47mm 113mm 85mm 30mm 80mm PF
    J K O P S T U V W X
    M6 1/4" 20mm 40.5mm 4mm 4mm 12mm 24mm 16mm 32mm

    Tips: How to maintain the pneumatic butterfly valve?

    • During use, the pneumatic butterfly valve should be kept clean frequently, and the transmission thread must be lubricated regularly. When a fault is found, it should be stopped immediately, and the cause should be identified to clear the fault.
    • The bolts of the packing gland should be tightened evenly, and should not be pressed into a crooked state, so as to avoid bumping and hindering the movement of the valve stem or causing leakage.
    • When the pneumatic butterfly valve is used, it is only fully open or fully closed, and it is not allowed to adjust the flow, so as to avoid erosion of the sealing surface and accelerated wear. There are inverted sealing devices in the gate valve and the upper threaded globe valve. The handwheel is turned to the uppermost position and tightened to prevent the medium from leaking from the packing.
    • Use the handwheel when opening and closing the pneumatic butterfly valve. Do not use levers or other tools to avoid damage to the valve parts. Turn the handwheel clockwise to close, and vice versa to open.
    • Butterfly valves stored for a long time should be checked regularly. The exposed processing surface should be kept clean and the dirt should be removed. During storage, both ends of the ball valve should be blocked and open, and both ends of the channel should be blocked and closed for pneumatic butterfly valves. Store neatly in a ventilated and dry place indoors, and it is strictly forbidden to stack or store in the open air.
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