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    5" Electric Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Favorable price electric actuated wafer style butterfly valve, comes with double acting electric actuator, optional 110V AC, 220V AC, 380V AC, 24V DC power supply. Electrically operated butterfly valve can control water, air, gas, oil and other liquid at -10 °C to 120 °C working temperature, with 5 inch (DN125) port size.
    SKU: ATO-EBV-125WF
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    Factory price 5 inch electric butterfly valve is equipped with an aluminum alloy electric actuator to work. Our electric actuated butterfly valve can work at high temperature below 120 °C, which is a reliable device for flow control.


    Butterfly Valve Model ATO-EBV-50WF
    Media Water, Air, Gas, Oil, Liquid, etc.
    Butterfly Valve Type Wafer Type PVC Type
    Port Size 5 inch (DN125, 125mm)
    Body Material Cast Iron PVC
    Disc Material Stainless Steel (SS) UPVC
    Seat Material EPDM
    Working Temperature -10 °C to 120 °C
    Electric Actuator Model ATO-KLST-10
    Frequency 50/ 60Hz
    Power Supply (Optional) 110V AC, 220V AC, 380V AC, 24V DC
    Actuator Input 4-20mA DC
    Actuator Type Double Acting
    Output Torque & Response Time 50N.m, 13s/ 15s
    60N.m, 20s
    100N.m, 30s
    Actuator Material Aluminum Alloy

    Wafer Butterfly Valve Body Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Electric wafer style butterfly valve dimension

    DN L H1 H2 A D D1 N-φd
    125 54.5 127 370 198 215 184 4-23

    PVC Butterfly Valve Body Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Electric PVC butterfly valve dimension

    JIS ANSI DIN D D2 D3 H2 H3 W1 W2 d1 D4 S H1 L
    D1 n-φe D1 n-φe D1 n-φe
    210 8-19 216 8-19 210 8-18 258 130 164 165 15 64 50 8.5 70 17 360 255

    Tips: Reasons for electric actuated wafer butterfly valve leakage

    Electric soft sealing butterfly valve (the raw material of butterfly valve is ductile iron with rubber seal)

    This kind of electric butterfly valve is often used for opening and closing of non-corrosive water at normal temperature.

    Reasons of leakage

    1. The butterfly plate is corroded, due to the ductile iron plate, the valve plate will rust and cause leakage over time.
    2. The rubber valve seat is damaged, the long-term opening and closing, the rubber wear resistance is not good, resulting in the damage of the seal.
    3. The reason for the electric actuator is that the on-site debugging is not in place, resulting in leakage.

    Electric hard seal butterfly valve (the raw material of butterfly valve is carbon steel with metal hard seal)

    This kind of butterfly valve is used in relatively harsh working conditions, generally high temperature steam, heat transfer oil, etc.

    Reasons of leakage

    1. Damage to the sealing surface, caused by high temperature steam cavitation.
    2. The fine and hard particles are washed away for a long time.
    3. The butterfly valve plate has air holes.
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