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    Piston Pump Price List

    What is a piston pump?

    The piston pump is a type of positive displacement pump, wherein said high pressure seal with said reciprocating piston. Piston pumps can be used to transport liquids or compressed gases. They can operate over a wide range of pressures. High pressure operation can be achieved without a strong influence on the flow rate. Piston pumps can also handle viscous media and media containing solid particles. This pump type functions through a piston cup, an oscillating mechanism (where a downward stroke causes a pressure differential), and a filled pump chamber (where an upward stroke forces the pump fluid out for use). Piston pumps are typically used in scenarios where high, consistent pressure is required, as well as in water irrigation or delivery systems.

    Piston pump working principle

    The main part is driven by the drive shaft to rotate the cylinder, so that the seven plungers evenly distributed in the cylinder. The seven plungers on the cylinder rotate around the center line of the drive shaft, and the plunger is pressed against the variable head (or swashplate) by the central spring.

    The sliding shoe of the plunger is pressed on the variable head (or swash plate). This way, the plunger moves reciprocally with the rotation of the cylinder to complete the oil absorption and pressure action.

    Piston pump price list

    Product SKU Power Nominal Displacement Type Price
    Single acting axial piston pump ATO-PP-025MCY 8 hp 2.5 cc/rev Fixed Displacement $257.84
    ATO-PP-10YCY 15 hp 10 cc/rev Variable Displacement $695.68
    ATO-PP-25YCY 30 hp 25 cc/rev Variable Displacement $1,289.76
    ATO-PP-40MCY 40 hp 40 cc/rev Fixed Displacement $698.69
    ATO-PP-63YCY 80 hp 63 cc/rev Variable Displacement $2,398.97
    ATO-PP-160YCY 125 hp 160 cc/rev Variable Displacement $3,986.76
    ATO-PP-250YCY 200 hp 250 cc/rev Variable Displacement $3,687.89
    ATO-PP-400YCY 300 hp 400 cc/rev Variable Displacement $6,879.86

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

    Piston pumps are widely used in machine tools, forging, metallurgy, engineering, mining and other machinery and other hydraulic transmission systems by virtue of their simple structure, small size, high efficiency and strong self-priming ability. ATO offers variable and fixed displacement axial piston pumps with power from 8 hp, 15 hp, 30 hp to 300 hp, with customization support.

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