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    200 hp Single Acting Axial Piston Pump

    Single acting axial piston pump with nominal pressure of 31.5Mpa, 120 hp power, operates on swash plate principle, can be used as variable pump, pressure compensated axial piston pump supports bracket or flange mounting, only need to change the motor with oil plate can be used as hydraulic motor.
    SKU: ATO-PP-250YCY
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    Pressure compensated variable displacement pump for sale, single acting, max drive power 200 hp, compact design and fast self-priming speed provide the ideal solution for mobile and stationary applications.


    • Model: ATO-PP-250YCY
    • Max Drive Power: 200 hp (148 kW)
    • Driving Method: Hydraulic
    • Theoretic Flow: 1000rpm (250L), 1500rpm (375L)
    • Number of Impellers: Single stage
    • Pump Shaft Position: Horizontal
    • Nominal Displacement: 250 cc/rev
    • Nominal pressure: 31.5 Mpa
    • Material: Cast iron
    • Weight: 250 kg
    • Warranty: 12 Months

    Single Acting Axial Piston Pump Dimension (unit: mm)

    Axial piston pump dimension


    B b bo (N9) b1 b2 b3 D0 D1 (f9) D2 D3 d (h6) d1 d3
    385 420 18 100 140 110 230 180 280 360 60 65 M22 x 1.5

    Hydraulic piston pump dimension

    h1 h3 L I I0 I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 t d0 x h0
    170 25 622 110 100 5 112 212 277 495 63.9 M20 x 45

    Axial Plunger Pump Detail

    Axial piston pump detail

    Tips: Piston pump noise troubleshooting

    1. There is air in the oil pump. This fault usually occurs when a new pump is installed, in the opening of a new pump should first add oil to the pump, the pump bearings, piston and cylinder body to play a role in lubrication.

    Treatment: Open the oil pump refueling port when the pump is running, so that the air in the pump is discharged from the refueling port.

    2. The oil level of the tank is too low, the oil suction pipe is blocked, which makes the pump suction resistance become bigger and causes the pump to suck air or there is air leakage in the oil inlet pipe section.

    Treatment: Add enough oil as required; clean the filter and unclog the air inlet pipe; check and tighten the connecting screws of the oil inlet pipe section. Check and tighten the connecting screws of the oil inlet pipe section.

    3. Improper installation of oil pump and motor, that is to say, the pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity is not consistent, so that the oil pump bearing by radial

    Treatment: Check and adjust the concentricity of the oil pump and motor installation.

    4. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too large, making the pump's self-priming capacity is reduced, and the volumetric efficiency is decreased.

    Treatment: choose the appropriate viscosity of the hydraulic oil, if the oil temperature is too low should open the heater.

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