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    30 hp Single Acting Axial Piston Pump

    Hydraulic variable piston pump rated pressure 31.5MPa, nominal flow rate of 25L/min at 1000r/min, nominal flow rate of 37.5L/min at 1000r/min, pump inlet to outlet overflow part, using cast iron pump body non-corrosive, anti-wear and anti-pressure ability.
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    The variable displacement piston pump has a hydrostatic balance structure between the slide shoe and the variable head and between the oil distribution plate and the cylinder, which has the advantages of simple structure, small size, high efficiency, long life, light weight and strong self-priming ability compared with other types of piston pumps.


    • Model: ATO-PP-25YCY
    • Max Drive Power: 30 hp (24 kW)
    • Driving Method: Hydraulic
    • Theoretic Flow: 1000rpm (25L), 1500rpm (37.5L)
    • Number of Impellers: Single stage
    • Pump Shaft Position: Horizontal
    • Nominal Displacement: 25 cc/rev
    • Nominal pressure: 31.5 Mpa
    • Material: Cast iron
    • Weight: 36 kg
    • Warranty: 12 Months

    30 hp (24 kW) Axial Piston Pump Dimension (unit: mm)

    Axial piston pump dimension

    B b bo (N9) b1 b2 D0 D1 (f9) D2 D3 d (h6) d1 d3
    198 172 8 66 100 125 100 150 170 30 M33 x 2 M14 x 1.5

     Hydraulic piston pump dimension

    h1 L I I0 I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 t d0 x h0
    83 308 52 45 4 54 104 134 237 32.5 M10 x 15

    Axial Piston Pump Detail

    Axial piston pump detail

    Tips: Types of piston pumps

    The two main types of piston pumps are lift pumps and force pumps. Both types can be operated by hand or engine.

    Lift pumps

    In a lift pump, the upward stroke of the piston draws water into the lower part of the cylinder through a valve. In the downstroke, the water enters the upper part of the cylinder through a valve set in the piston. In the next upstroke, water is discharged from the upper part of the cylinder through a nozzle. This type of pump is limited by the height of water that can be supported by air pressure against vacuum.

    Force pumps

    In a force pump, the upper stroke of the piston draws water through the inlet valve into the cylinder. In the downstroke, the water is discharged through the discharge valve into the discharge pipe.

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