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    40 hp Single Acting Axial Piston Pump

    Single acting axial piston pump max drive power 40 hp, can replace the motor with an oil pan for use as a hydraulic motor, manufacturer support custom, fixed displacement axial piston pumps have a constant geometric displacement and deliver a constant flow rate according to the speed.
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    Buy low price axial piston pump online, drive power 32 kW, nominal flow rate of 40L/min at 1000r/min, nominal flow rate of 60L/min at 1000r/min, with hydrostatically balanced optimum oil film thickness design, low noise emission, easy installation and disassembly.


    • Model: ATO-PP-40MCY
    • Max Drive Power: 40 hp (32 kW)
    • Driving Method: Hydraulic
    • Theoretic Flow: 1000rpm (40L), 1500rpm (60L)
    • Number of Impellers: Single stage
    • Pump Shaft Position: Horizontal
    • Nominal Displacement: 40 cc/rev
    • Nominal pressure: 31.5 Mpa
    • Material: Cast iron
    • Weight: 39 kg
    • Warranty: 12 Months

    40 hp (32 kW) Axial Piston Pump Dimension (unit: mm)

    Axial piston pump dimension

    B b bo (N9) b1 b2 D0 D1 (f9) D2 D3 d (h6) d1 d3
    198 172 8 66 100 125 100 150 170 30 M42 x 2 M14 x 1.5

     Hydraulic piston pump dimension

    h1 L I I0 I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 t d0 x h0
    83 308 52 45 4 54 104 134 237 32.5 M10 x 15

    Axial Piston Pump Detail

    Axial piston pump detail
    Tips: Precautions for using axial piston pump

    1. Work should always pay attention to the oil temperature rise, the oil temperature in the tank should not exceed 60C, the appropriate oil temperature is 30C ~ 55 ℃, when the oil temperature is lower than 15 ℃ or greater than 60 ℃ should be given heating or cooling.
    2. Hydraulic oil should be replaced once in 1-6 months, and clean the oil tank to remove dirt and dust. For the new hydraulic equipment put into use about a month should be cleaned and replaced with new oil. The filter should be cleaned when cleaning the oil tank, and the filter element of the oil filter should be replaced and cleaned regularly. To save cost use the oil filter cart to filter oil.
    3. The external electrical control line is introduced by the electrical box, please pay special attention to the direction of the motor steering to be consistent with the direction of the pump arrow mark, the control voltage of the solenoid valve must be consistent with that marked by the solenoid.
    4. Starting of oil pump and motor: Check whether the adjusting handwheel and handle are normal before starting. Electrical switch and travel stopper position is solid, etc., then you can first no-load start, no-load 15 minutes after slowly pressurized work. In general, the motor should not be opened and closed frequently during the working process. In the low-temperature start, you need to adjust the relief valve for 1/2 of the rated pressure, and then repeatedly click the motor, so that the relief valve full overflow, to warm up the hydraulic oil, wait for the temperature to rise to about 20C, and then put into use. (The heater can be heated directly to warm up).
    5. The equipment should work under the rated pressure, otherwise it will easily lead to motor overheating or even overload and damage to other components.
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