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    6 Using Tips For Sewage Pump

    Using tips for sewage pump

    Submersible sewage pump is a solids handling pump with a large outlet and a powerful motor, designed to move liquid and sewage waste up to 2 inch in diameter. When we use sewage pump, there are also a lot of points to pay attention to, such as electric pump housing ground wire must be received in strict accordance with the relevant regulations; Do not wash items nearby when submersible pump is working; After the pump is connected, the direction of rotation from the inlet is counterclockwise. In this article, we will introduce some tips when using sewage pump.

    • Before using the industrial sewage pump, carefully check whether the cable is damaged, whether the fastener is loose or falling off, and whether the pump is deformed or damaged during transportation, storage and installation.
    • Submersible sewage pump installation has fixed and mobile two. When the fixed installation is used, the chain cable should be respectively through (away from the pump outlet, the connection should be parallel to the pump outlet) of the two lifting ring screws or lifting plate up and down the electric pump. Slide evenly and slowly along the guide rail until the automatic coupling is in place. When using mobile installation, first set the hose, with the chain through the two rings up and down the pump, pay attention to the cable as a rope, so as to avoid danger.
    • After the submersible wastewater pump is connected, the rotation direction from the inlet is counterclockwise. If the sewage pump is reversed, just switch the wiring position of any two wires in the cable.
    • Pump housing ground wire must be strictly in accordance with the relevant procedures to receive, in order to ensure the use of personal safety, in the operation of the 1.5 hp submersible sewage pump, is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the installation, people into the water to do things or move, in case of high head submersible sewage pump leakage and accidents.
    • Some sealing submersible pump long term immersion in water, even if not used, insulation value will gradually decline, resulting in cannot be put into use, and even in the continuous operation of the submersible sewage pump in the water working time is also short of the phenomenon of insulation disappearance. Therefore, the submersible pump in the suction pool standby sometimes can not play the role of standby, if the conditions permit, can be in the pool dry standby, such as a submersible sewage sump pump in operation when the failure, immediately stop lifting up, the standby pump down again.
    • Submersible pump can not be too frequently open and stop, otherwise it will affect the service life of the 3 phase submersible pump. When the submersible pump stops, the water in the pipeline will produce reflux, and restarting the electric pump immediately will cause excessive load when it starts, and bear unnecessary impact load.
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