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    What are the Signals to Replace a Sewage Pump?

    With continual use, almost every industrial sewage pump will fail or at least run into issues at some point. The key is to educate yourself on the warning signs of a heavy duty sewage pump failure. That way, you will all be aware when something is wrong, and you will be able to seek pump repair or replacement early on before there is a chance for any more severe damage to take place. There are 4 signals that you need to replace a new industrial sewage pump.

    Sewage pump replacement signal

    1. Dealing with dirty water. One of the first things to be on the lookout for is dirty water running through your systems. The whole purpose of having a submersible sewage pump, no matter the exact type, is to regularly filter clean, clear water into your operations. When that isn't happening and you're getting dirty, murky water instead.
    2. Industrial sewage pump won't start or struggles to start. It is also an issue if it struggles or is slow to start. There are a variety of reasons that this issue could pop up. It could be the result of anything from electrical problems to frayed wires to a blown fuse. It could also be the case that your pump has simply "given out".
    3. Sewage water pump is constantly cycling. If you find that your pump constantly seems to be cycling, so much so that you can never really determine what stage it is. The issue could be a poorly or improperly adjusted switch, a burnt-out motor, or issues communicating commands to turn on or off.
    4. Pump is making strange sounds. As with any type of machinery, especially one as important as a 3 phase sewage pump, if your 1 hp sewage submersible pump suddenly starts making strange noises, it's definitely time to check it out. You should pay particular attention to pounding or slamming noises, which usually indicate a problem with the overall mechanics or the structure and integrity of the pump. However, any voice you don't recognize or are not used to should be a cause for concern and action.

    As the article says, your sewage wastewater pump will typically let you know when something goes wrong. If you happen to notice these warning signs, hopefully act quickly. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and can lead to lasting damage.

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