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    How to Maintain Sewage Pump?

    How to maintain sewage pump

    Compared with the general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, sewage pump compact structure, small footprint. Small sewage pumps can be installed freely, large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices can be installed automatically, installation and maintenance is quite convenient. Submersible sewage pump because of the pump and motor coaxial, shaft short, rotating parts light weight, so bearing load is relatively small, life is much longer than the general pump. There is no cavitation damage and irrigation water and other problems. In this article, we introduce the maintenance of sewage pump in ATO shop.

    • Before operation, use megohm meter to check the insulation resistance of the motor stator winding to the ground, the minimum is not less than 50 megohm.
    • Check whether cables are damaged or broken. If there is damage, it must be replaced in time to avoid electric leakage. The cable section should match the current.
    • Do not start the industrial sewage pump when the voltage exceeds ±10% of the rated voltage.
    • To ensure safety, the ground wire in the four-core cable must be reliably grounded to prevent electric shock.
    • Electric pump diving into the water, should be vertical lifting, not allowed to lay on the ground, not to sink into the sludge. Stop using the submersible sewage pump should be lifted clean, placed in a dry place, and pay attention to anti-freezing.
    • Do not use cables as lifting ropes for installation.
    • Check the rotating direction of the rotor. It should rotate clockwise from the top down.
    • Outdoor switches or ground cables should be protected from rain and moisture. Do not touch the switches with wet hands or bare feet to avoid electric shock.
    • When moving the 1 hp sewage submersible pump, cut off the power supply, and do not touch the water source when the pump is running to prevent leakage from personal accidents.
    • It is strictly prohibited to operate the motor without phase. If the fuse is found to be blown, please check the reason before continuing to use it. Do not increase the fuse arbitrarily.
    • Submersible wastewater pump operation, there should be special management, such as abnormal phenomenon should be immediately shut down inspection, troubleshooting.
    • Sewage water pump in the specified working medium conditions after the normal operation of half a year, should check the oil chamber seal, such as oil in the oil chamber is emulsion or water precipitation, should be replaced in time mechanical oil and mechanical seal. For the use of electric pumps in poor working conditions, more should be regularly repaired.
    • Users should be used according to actual working condition of choosing the appropriate flow head, in order to achieve the best effect of using, pump nameplate or specification as shown on the parameters of the pump for the best use of point, the user can choose within (0.7-1.2) times the best flow, prohibited to use super flow, or flow rate is too large, head is too low to make motor overload.
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