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    How to Install Sewage Pump?

    1 hp submersible sewage pump

    Submersible sewage pump is a kind of environmental protection industry used to transport solid particles, fiber and other solid-liquid mixed liquid, such as domestic sewage, industrial waste water, mud and other pump products. Sewage pump and motor coaxial rotation, and at the same time submersible work under the liquid.

    The sealing system of the pump can effectively prevent liquid from entering the motor cavity and protect the safe operation of the motor. Control and protection system to make the sewage pump in the occurrence of water leakage, oil leakage, overload, overheating, lack of equal fault, timely alarm and shutdown for repair. Its installation mode is divided into automatic coupling installation and mobile installation. In this article we will cover both installation methods of ATO industrial automation sewage pump in detail.

    Automatic Coupling Installation:

    Automatic coupling installation

    Submersible sewage water pump automatic coupling device is used with sewage pump matching a set of devices, the whole set is mainly composed of submersible pump, automatic coupling device, outlet pipe. The automatic coupling device is installed between the submersible pump and the sewage outlet pipe, and the sewage outlet pipe at one end of the automatic coupling device is also installed with a separation chamber that can adjust the amount of diverting sewage. The separation chamber is connected with at least one jet stirring outlet pipe, the outlet of the jet stirring outlet pipe is downward and the outlet can be rotated. The high head sewage pump makes the sewage and sewage in the sewage well fully mixed, suspended, so as to achieve sewage, sewage, sewage thoroughly extraction and discharge.

    Automatic coupling installation method is suitable for long-term fixed use occasions, has the advantages of quick installation, detection, maintenance and so on. The system uses a special base, fixed at the bottom of the sewage pit, connected with the outlet pipe, installed in the top of the pool supporting block, with a guide rod to make the two connected, the home sewage pump is connected with a specific support, along the guide rod to slide to the base, and its automatic coupling, sealing, and automatically off when lifting. Through the coupling device, the pump and the outlet pipe are independent of each other, and the connection between the pump and the outlet pipe seat does not need to use fasteners, so it is very convenient to connect and fall off.

    Mobile Installation:

    Movable installation

    Supported by the base, equipped with hose elbow or hard pipe elbow, and then connected to the outlet hose or hard pipe can work. This method is mainly used in emergency or maintenance construction needs.

    Submersible sewage water pump operating conditions:

    • The medium temperature does not exceed 30℃, the weight is 1.0-1.3 kg/dm³, and the PH value is in the range of 5-9.
    • For pumps without internal artesian circulating cooling system, the liquid surface of motor part shall not exceed 1/2.
    • Under normal circumstances, the submersible wastewater pump must be used within the use of the head range, to ensure that the motor is not loaded, if it needs to be used in the full head range, it should be cast separately when ordering, so that the manufacturer can manufacture.
    • The current of the pump motor shall not exceed the rated current of the motor during operation.
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