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    Mud Pump vs Sewage Pump

    Mud pumps are often used in the field of oil drilling and are an important part of drilling equipment. They are mainly used to transport flushing fluids such as mud or water into the borehole during the drilling process. Commonly used mud pumps are piston-type or plunger-type. The power machine drives the crankshaft of the pump to rotate, and then the crankshaft drives the plunger or piston to reciprocate in the pump cylinder through the crosshead. Under the alternating action of suction and discharge, the flushing fluid is circulated.

    Vertical mud pump


    • The liquid flow conveyed by the mud pump is uniform and stable, and there is no shearing of the slurry flow. It can convey high-concentration and high-viscosity suspension slurry.
    • The mud pump has a strong self-priming ability, and can directly pump liquid without installing a bottom valve, and the liquid flow direction can be changed by the rotation direction of the pump.
    • ATO vertical mud pump runs smoothly, with low noise, simple structure, and convenient disassembly and maintenance.

    The sewage pump is a kind of centrifugal impurity pump, which is mainly used to transport sewage, feces, and liquid-containing fibers. However, it is precise because the transported liquid contains fibers and other easily entangled media, so the flow channel of the sewage pump is easy to block, and then the motor is burned. However, the current sewage pump generally has a torn structure. And generally, a filter is added to the sewage treatment tank to block the entanglement from the sewage pump, so that the sewage pump can work better.

    Submersible sewage pump


    • The sewage pump has a reasonable design and is equipped with a low-power motor, which has an obvious energy-saving effect.
    • It has a compact structure, easy to move.
    • The tearing structure can cut and tear the fibers to ensure the smooth discharge of sewage.

    Although they are all pressurized conveying equipment, their uses are different. There are two questions to help to choose a mud pump or sewage pump.

    Q1: How to choose according to the liquid to be transported?
    A1: Generally, mud pumps are used for liquids with poor fluidity and thicker liquids. If the moisture content reaches 95%, a sewage pump can be selected.

    Q2: Is the internal structure the same?
    A2: The difference is that the mud pump has no cutting wheel and is mostly used for pumping mud. The sewage pump has a cutting wheel, which can chop up debris.

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