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    15 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

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    Affordable price 15 hp sewage pump for sale online. 3 phase sewage pump with 30m rated head and 3 inch inlet size. 3 inch submersible effluent pump adopts anti-clogging hydraulic component design to improve the sewage passing capacity. Submersible sewage pump can be used in pond pumping and chemical plant.
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    Industrial sewage pump adopts double guide rail automatic coupling installation system. Mechanical seal of 15 hp sewage pump adopts double channel series seal, material is hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide.


    • Reasonable design, reasonable matching motor, high efficiency.
    • Submersible sewage pump with compact structure, small volume, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build pump room.
    • Double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, to the sewage pump installation and maintenance has brought great convenience.
    • Large flow channel anti-clogging hydraulic parts design, greatly improve the ability of sewage through, can effectively through the high head sewage pump diameter of 5 times the fiber material and the diameter of about 50% of the sewage pump diameter solid particles.
    • Mechanical seal adopts double series seal, material is hard corrosion resistant tungsten carbide, durable, wear-resistant, can make the 3 phase submersible sewage pump safe continuous operation for more than 8000 hours.


    • Model: 80WQ60-30-11
    • Rated Power: 15 hp (11 kW)
    • Rated Voltage: 380V (Please contact us if you need other voltage)
    • Rated Flow: 60 m3/h
    • Rated Head: 30m
    • Inlet Size: 3 inch
    • Caliber: 80 mm
    • Underwater Penetration (Max): 30m
    • Motor Phase: 3 phase
    • Body Material: Cast iron
    • Rotate Speed: 2860 r/min
    • Outlet Pressure: 0.1 MPa
    • Weight: 130 kg

    Submersible Sewage Pump Structure:

    Structure of sewage pump

    Tips: Conditions of Sewage Pump Use

    Sewage pump for our life has an indispensable role, the following points are the conditions of sewage pump use.

    • The medium temperature is not more than 60C, the weight is 1.0-1.3 kg/dm3, and the PH value is in the range of 5-9.
    • For sewage pump with no internal artesian circulating cooling system, the liquid surface of motor part shall not exceed 1/2.
    • Under normal circumstances, the sewage pump must be used within the range of head, to ensure that the motor is not loaded.
    • The current of the sewage pump motor shall not exceed the rated current of the motor during operation.
    Existing reviews of 15 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase
    Using this sewage pump for over two years
    I've been using this 15 hp sewage pump for over two years and it works perfectly. It's been a real lifesaver during flooding periods. My smaller pump couldn't handle the volume of rain water. I'm very pleased with its performance.
    From: Sactor | Date: 11/12/2022
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    Worth the money
    I bought a more expensive sewage pump before this, but none of them last over a year. This 15 hp submersible sewage pump is the cheapest I found so far that actually works. Worth the money and a reliable pump!
    From: Jakko | Date: 21/11/2022
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    Solid submersible sewage pump
    This is a very solid and quite heavy 15 hp submersible sewage pump. Moves a lot of water and definitely has no problem with semi solids in the flow. Highly recommend!
    From: Monzer | Date: 19/07/2022
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