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    What Should Pay Attention to When Using Linear Rail?

    With the rapid development of industry, the demand for guide rails is also increasing. For the machinery industry, the normal operation of equipment and production lines is crucial. Linear guide rail is a precision part, so it requires considerable caution in use.

    Even if the high performance linear guide is used, if it is not used properly, it can not achieve the expected performance effect, and it is easy to damage the linear guide. Therefore, the use of ATO automation linear guide should pay attention to the following matters.

    Linear guideways using tip

    • Prevent corrosion. When taking the linear guide rail directly by hand, it is necessary to fully wash the sweat from the hand and apply it with high quality mineral oil before operating. In the rainy season and summer, we should pay special attention to rust prevention.
    • Keep the environment clean. Keep the linear guide and its surrounding environment clean Even if the invisible microscopic dust enters the guide, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide.
    • The installation should be careful. Linear guide should be carefully installed in the use of strong stamping is not allowed, hammer is not allowed to directly hit the guide rail, is not allowed to transfer pressure through the rolling body.
    • Installation tools should be suitable. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools for linear guides. Use special tools as far as possible, and try to avoid the use of cloth and short fibers and other things.

    It is also worth mentioning that under some special operating conditions, the linear guideways can be longer than the conventional calculation life, especially under light load. These special operating conditions are when the rolling surface (track and rolling parts) is effectively separated and limited by the lubricating film from possible surface damage caused by contaminants. In fact, so-called permanent guide life is possible under ideal conditions. Fat lubrication has a sealing method of filling the grease in the sealing guide in advance, as well as filling the appropriate amount of grease in the shell, and supplementing or replacing it every once in a while.

    In addition, for many machines that require lubricating rails, a centralized grease supply method with pipes connected to each lubricating place is also used. Fat lubrication can not be supplemented for a long time after filling a grease, and its sealing device is relatively simple in structure and widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple. Regular lubrication can greatly improve the service life of guide rail.

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