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    Motor Alarm, 180dB, AC 220V/AC 110V

    Motor alarm with high volume 180dB has optional working voltage 220VAC or 110VAC, cast aluminum alloy shell and protection class IP44. It adopts a single phase motor and two-way alarm mode to realize emergency alarm. The motor speed is 1000 rpm. Motor alarm can be used for alarm system of reservoirs, power stations, etc.
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    Motor alarm has high volume 180dB, optional working voltage AC 220V/AC 110V and two-way alarm mode.


    Model ATO-MOALM-MS790
    Shipping weight 14kg
    Dimension 333*248*283mm
    Working voltage * AC 220V, AC 110V
    Working frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Working current 2.2A, 4.1A
    Output volume 180dB
    Sound Continuous alarm sound (It is best to work for 2 minutes, and then stop working for 30 minutes. After the motor becomes cool, the motor alarm can work again.)
    Working mode Alarm when power on
    Shell material Cast aluminum alloy
    Color Red
    Protection class IP44
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ (at 500VDC)
    Motor speed 1000 rpm

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    Motor alarm 180dB 220VAC/110VAC dimension
    Tips: What is a motor alarm?
    The motor alarm is a motor driven siren that can be used for audible alarm in case of emergency. It is composed of the main parts such as the rotor, stator, positioning base, positioner, stainless steel cover, motor, base, etc.

    1. Rotor: It is the most important part of the motor alarm. It can generate sound source during high-speed operation.
    2. Stator: The part that highly matches the rotor usually has about 10 sound windows. The number of sound window is equal to the number of rotor vanes.
    3. Positioning base: The bracket for fixing positioner.
    4. Positioner: The sound window can be closed automatically when the rotor is in non-working state or stopped, to prevent rats, birds, spiders and other debris in the air from entering the motor alarm.
    5. Stainless steel cover: On the one hand, it is a sound reinforcement effect after the sound is refracted. On the other hand, it protects the entire alarm and prevents rainwater from entering the alarm.
    6. Motor: The power device of the alarm drives the rotor to make a sound.
    7. Base: The bracket of the whole alarm.
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